Sunday, August 3, 2008

Speaking of Culture

Thanks, Gerard.

This is going to be an unnecessarily interesting election year. I am not even sure I'll vote. Pennsylvania is going blue again, this year, and Lancaster County is just an island of Conservatism in a vast liberal sea of Lotto Libertopia.

Please note the side bar tribute to Jo Stafford, and make hajj HERE

Yes, she really can sing. We'll miss her, greatly.

Update: Elder of Zion has encouraged me to submit the roasted chicken with artichokes and olives recipe and lemon potatoes (sans beurre, mais bien sure, oops, pardon my French, I meant, ma certo, con olio d'oliva!)

I've submitted this recipe to the Kosher Cooking Carnival

I made this kosher by eliminating the butter in the potatoes. In fact, I've altered it altogether:

Lemon and Herb Roasted Chicken Stew

1 2 lb. cut up fryer, pieces dredged lightly in flour
3 tablespoons of olive oil, or enough to coat the bottom of a large Dutch oven
4 cloves of garlic, pressed
Assorted herb sprigs, one of each, tied into a bouquet garni: Rosemary, thyme, sage,
Tarragon, and Dillweed
1 can of chicken broth
2 bay leaves
2 cans of cannellini beans, drained.
2 lemons, (zest and squeeze the juice from one lemon, and slice the other as thinly as possible
1 can of artichoke hearts, drained
1 small jar of sun dried tomatoes, julienned
1 jar of olives (your choice. I like the Burgundy olives which are soaked with roasted red peppers, or the dry cured green olives with garlic, but calamatas are good, too. Just make sure they are pitted.
Chopped parsley.
1 1/2 lbs of new potatoes
1 Spanish onion, chopped roughly.
Salt and pepper, to taste
Red pepper flakes, a scosh. (Just a scosh will do ya)

Brown the chicken pieces in olive oil and remove to a plate. Saute onions and garlic. Add the tomatoes, beans, artichokes, olives and lemon slices, and let them cook together for a few minutesi. Add potatoes, broth, lemon juice and zest with the bouquet garni and bay leaves. Add browned chicken back to the pot and cover with a lid.
Roast for 2 hours in a low oven. (325 degrees)
Garnish with chopped parsley.
Optional: Add 2 cups of white wine.
You can also eliminate the fresh herbs by using an Italian herb mix. Both are equally good.


  1. That's one messed up sizing problem. Let me try to fix this.

  2. Looks yummy. Thanks for submitting it to Kosher Cooking Carnival.


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