Saturday, August 23, 2008

Tweedle Ho and Tweedle Hum

A really big Hat Tip to Exurban League:

I am reading an excellent essay at One Cosmos.

"I don't know, WWLD? That is, what would Leni Riefenstahl recommend? A little Wagner? Interestingly, there is no question whatsoever that she was a gifted artist. But look at the mesmerizing effect Hitler had upon her will -- and she is hardly alone in this regard. Van Vrekhem relates story after story of how strong men -- generals, diplomats, artists, and journalists -- were reduced to Jello in his presence. He clearly transmitted a kind of supernatural power to which many individuals attested. Is there an "artist" in Hollywood, or a celebrity journalist, who hasn't fallen under Obama's spell? Yes, a few, but only a few. .

Obama clearly has a similar kind of power, at least over the susceptible -- for example, his vaunted ability to make Chris Matthews' pasty thigh tingle. Obviously it can't be Obama's ideas, which are so banal, nor his accomplishments, which are nil. As was very much true of Hitler, Obama's words often make no literal sense on paper, and yet, he personally has this undeniably potent persuasive power. And he especially has this power over people who are not inoculated by genuine religion. In other words, he has a "religious effect" on the secularized mind. Deepak could be speaking of Hitler when he writes of how the Annointed One will bring about a "quantum leap" in human consciousness. How could anyone believe such utter sacred cow manure?

This is going to be an intensely interesting and entertaining election year. If anything, we well may elect a man who is nothing more than a Potemkin Village Idiot. Or we will elect a man who doesn't know how many houses he owns or how many of the landscapers and maids are illegal aliens, for that matter. I am not hopeful, either way. It is all so very very strange.

This Cult of Personality and all the evil that it produces is definitely lost on these acolytes of the Messiah™, which makes them all such tempting, great, big, fat targets of ridicule and satire. They will not be pleased, but now the fun isn't limited to comics and editorial cartoonists anymore, so I intend to take full advantage of the mirth that is to come.
I won't be the only one, either!

The future looks bright, after all! HOPE, people. HOPE and change. Don't forget your change!


  1. Quite possibly the most disturbing video I've ever seen. What do these folks do when they're not thinking up deep crap like this?


    Frankly, I doubt Obama could run a 7-11.

    Of course, that unfortunately goes for his opponent as well.

  2. I think we are in for some really interesting times, Haid. It was a truly disturbing video. The thing that has amazed me about America is that, from its inception, it has been a nation where there was a curious lack of the cult of personality. No Bonnie Prince Charlies, no Napoleons or all the antichrists of ancient and modern times.
    Only in the twentieth century, possibly with FDR did we see the rise of this cult of personality. It has come in tandem with the rise of celebrity worship in general. That is why it is not surprising to see these hapless wonders of fame and fortune cast their lots with such a stick figure. Funny, too. They believe their own hype.


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