Thursday, September 4, 2008

Best of the Worst Headline Juxtapositions

From Extreme Mortman:

Direct fire kills three soldiers? Wow.  You don't suppose that was deliberate?  Nah. Not US! 

In local news, Barack Obama will be visiting here in Lancaster, PA, speechifying at a park named for the only U.S. President from Heroe Township, and Rated Numero Uno ---- in this category.

Methinks this is not so good an omen.


  1. The nicknames for Mrs. Palin are coming from the moonbats fast and furious: My favorite:

    Caribou Barbie.

  2. LOL. I kinda like that one myself. The difference between a compliment and derision is who's saying it.

    Thankfully, Barry Hussein won't bother coming here. Our .47 of an electoral vote isn't worth his energy. (Note to jihadis: Yes, I live in California).

    Mrs. Palin is truly wonderful. She has already done what I didn't think COULD be done: she has united a badly divided party. I for example, liked the Republican field in this order: Tancredo, Thompson, Giuliani, Romney, Huckabee, and McCain--exactly the order in which they dropped out!

    I've always said McCain is a good and decent man, but as a conservative he's been less than thrilling, to say the least. I think lots of folks felt the same way, until Wednesday night.

    Not that there was any chance of us voting for Hussein, but a defeatist voting block is a defeated voting block.

    Now lots of us think Hussein can be beaten.

  3. I really adore this woman. She is so everymom that to not like her is to be part of the cadre of the Insane. It is like watching Reagan all over again, only more vicious. Tonight a friend (Hillary supporter) tried to point out that she is a hypocrite because she thought that abstinence should be taught in the schools, and her daughter is preggers, to which I said, of course! They AREN'T teaching abstinence in any form. Kids are sated, fat, lazy nonthinkers. Which is why so many of them are mommies and daddies at so young an age.

  4. I am so glad to see this and that you like her! I have had to actually block comments on another blog I do on another server. Its gotten so vicious out there that people come in hordes to attack you for your own views. I Like this woman! I saw the speech and for the first time in many many yrs I am stoked and ready to vote!

    I love who McCain chose, this shows thinking! So much so I made sure I watched his speech the next nite too. I like the guy!

    I think they are a wonderful combo of the old school and new school, make and female. I think now we may just get the govt. for the people!

  5. Oops I meant male and female ...I really gotta get new glasses lol


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