Sunday, September 28, 2008

I can haz Noo-awnce

I have a brother I love dearly, but when we were younger, he used to drive me nuts by his constant one-upmanship. No matter what I did, his deed was better. No matter what toy I got for Christmas or birthdays, his was better, bigger, badder. He did this with everyone. I can run faster than you. I am smarter than you. We got tired of it, and no matter how many times he got beaten up by bullies and people he challenged with his me too only better routine, he clung to the MO as if it were actually working.  Watching the debate the other night, or rather, analyzing the commentary from astute bloggers who invented drinking games to go with the number of times McCain said, My friends, or Obama said, Let me be clear on this....did we actually think we were going to hear anything, or did we secretly just want to watch the trains derail? Personally, I would like to see a no holds barred punch fest just to see who can really out debate AND hurl the most memorable invective at the same time. The faux politeness is just one of the heavy burdens placed upon us by Political Correctness, which is the Dictatorship of Nice. 

Obama will always be remembered for his I have a bracelet, too, remark. It will be seared into the memory as an image of a boy who is not a man, neither is he mature enough to be called anything other than a boy. A bully boy, at that. A pampered, me too snob of a bully.

UPDATE: has a radio transcript of Ryan Jopek's family asking Obama NOT to continue wearing his bracelet. And cue the crickets from the media.

From Tammy Bruce, via Atlas Shrugged:

"I've got a bracelet too"

A post by Maynard

Events such as this are occasionally punctuated be a defining moment. It's the thing you remember long after the rest of the details are lost to the haze of time. This does not predict what happens next. But whatever may come, the fragment retains the spirit of the whole.

Here are a couple of examples. If you were there, these words will carry you back to days gone by.

When Ronald Reagan debated Walter Mondale, it was "I am not going to exploit, for political purposes, my opponent's youth and inexperience."

When Lloyd Bentsen debated Dan Quayle, it was "Senator, you are no Jack Kennedy."

When George Bush debated John Kerry, it was "You forgot Poland."

I predict that, for the rest of your life, you won't hear the phrase "I've got a bracelet too" without your mind flying back to what you saw tonight.

I'm not saying that Obama "lost" the debate at this point. The ill wind that propels him is not going to vanish away. But I think this cuts to the heart of the contest. It captures the image of Obama as the junior wannabe, struggling to make of himself a strained and pathetic imitation of the real man that stood across from him. People will see it that way, whether they realize it or not.

Remember this. The human creature is a poet at heart. We respond to imagery and metaphor, even at times when we should focus on hard facts alone. Obama's strength lies in his fantasy image. His reality is atrocious. If the illusion falters, Obama will crumple like the empty suit he is.

As a practical matter, you can now terminate an annoying political exchange by evincing a childish sneer while simpering, "Yeah, well I've got a bracelet too. Nyah!"

Well, Maynard, that summed it up pretty much for me. So much to look forward to in November. I really want to see this man show his true, unhinged, unmedicated colors.
...Obama, that is.


  1. I watched the debates. Everyone is so in love with Obama. I wanted to know why. I watched hoping he would convince me too. It didnt work. Even worse was the " I HAVE A BRACELET TOO!" In my ears it sounded like a child whining. Turned me right off. And then to have him repeated agree with McCain. Well heck if he agrees with McCain.....they I was right all along on who is the right one to vote for!

    Today Im seeing that too about the parents asking him not to wear it. He did anyway. Of course he would, he needed to look like he actually cared about vets. Too bad it didnt work. And now knowing they didnt want that either, it says to me this is an egotistical man whos gonna do what he wants. Whatever just might bring in a vote or two.....he will do. He will stop at nothing. Gosh didnt Hitler do that too?

  2. I think many of us remember the opportunity he had to visit vets in the hospital in Germany and he wouldn't go see them, since it wasn't a photo op he could capitalize upon. Such class, nu?

  3. Actually, I'm a bit embarrassed for Jack Mac whenever he starts in with his personal anecdotes and stories, and I rolled my eyes when he began about the bracelet. This stuff just has nothing to do with a debate on the issues.

    But sometimes the old Navy brat is a genius, and I couldn't help laughing when Obama took the bait. What an unbelievable putz.

    Next time, Mac has to make a point of it. "Show everyone the bracelet, Barack. You know, the one the family wants back."

    I like the new radio widget, Jewel. Tchaikovsky Pathetique playing now. It's a stand alone widget so I can continue listening after I click off.

    BTW, did you notice the new javascript thing I have going on my blog when you click the "Read more" link? Jack doesn't like it. What say you?

  4. I would like to have such a widget on my site. I am using Opera now, since Firefox crashed completely, and each time I tried to open the browser, it would crash again and an indecipherable error message came up. Not sure what to think. Firefox was getting incredibly slow and trying to install updates but couldn't. I ended up just unintalling the program and now use Opera, which takes up less space and opens immediately. I can also run java on my page without the dumb java script errors I got on Firefox.
    Such a shame, too, since I really like the idea of anything that is in opposition to Microsoft.
    As for the classical music station. I love it! They always play the best loved stuff. I was listening to the 3rd movement of Brahms' 3rd, which was my favorite movement in all of his symphonies. After my mother died, he would sit at the piano and improvise all around that movement for hours. Every night he must have composed a new third movement of Brahms' 3rd Symphony.
    I like the suggestion about JacMac tormenting Da Boy about his purdy iddo bwacewet.

  5. Firefox has been a little buggy lately, but there was a new update just yesterday that seems to help a bit. Opera doesn't render my blog correctly. I see different sized fonts between the sidebars. Do you?

    Besides, I use the Firebug plugin, and can't live without it now, so Firefox it is, for me.

  6. GREAT blog, Jewel. The users on the Jihad Watch site set a pretty high standard. I hope I didn't freak out your daughter. I saw the picture (she's a cute one) and thought either it was a pic of you in childhood or that you were using a pic of your child for your profile (as I do). Peace.

  7. Oh Cyril, no problem. She loved your comment. I chose blogspot for her, rather than my space or xanga, since those sites foster a malignant narcissism amongst its users (do you have 549 friends in your network? I don't) As you can see here, we have conversations in the comments. At least for those who like to leave comments on this blog. All the blogs I read, with the exception of LGF where you may be banned for expressing your creationist views too loudly, have wonderful conversations going on them. If you want to see some interesting commentary, full of wit and thought go to Discarded Lies, in the Ferkakta dinner theatre section on the right. I post there under the name jau jau, (that is what they started calling me there) Or visit Haid's blog sometime. Everyone I talk with who blogs is usually quite smart and funny. Welcome to Ferkakta, friend!


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