Thursday, September 11, 2008

September Madness

I hate September 11th. I just wish we could stay September 10th a little while longer, but the world is progressing further into the cauldron of madness. So instead of looking back on This Day in History, I will just look at This Day in the Here and Now. So much insanity to cover. Did you know, for example, that the world As We Know It was supposed to have ended yesterday?

And somewhere, out there, The Little Prince is so very ronery. Hmm, I hear rumors that China may be looking for some lebensraum.

And of course, the woman who drives the important people you should know INSANE!!!! And it appears that Daughter Piper has given Maw some competition, too! Will this madness cease, or must we continue to be infotained to death by it, forever?

Come, O First Tuesday in Sweet November. Let me swill thy perfumed Kool-Aid and dream naught until January 20th, and rouse me then, but gently, from my hungover slumber and brace me for the cruel winds of Two Oh Nine.

Picture from Wizbang

Or else I can prolly wait til Two Oh Forty and Four.


  1. That's my favorite scene from the movie by far. When I first saw it, I thought, "Parker and Stone are geniuses."

    Jack likes the movie but he thinks Kim Jong Il singing is so gay. LOL.

    Incidentally, I linked to a genius episode of South Park on HD in my recent 9/11 post. In the episode, 9/11 conspiracy theories are symbolized by a turd in one of the boys' room urinals. It's whacked out, so I'm sure you'd enjoy it.

    I noticed you spent some time Wednesday on my second post, written when I was learning WordPress and long before I opened the blog up to the public. I was going for the news-blog style, which I should probably do a lot more. Whatever were you doing reading a piece at my place from March?

    Anyway, had a tough week and you know what that means.

    I'm going to have a rare drink and listen to some music.

    I promised Jack I wouldn't post any. LOL.


  2. Good on ya, and say hi to Jack for me! Yes, I did. I try to get over there to read, and lately I wanted to leave a longish post, but didn't have the time. I will try to get over and leave it later on.


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