Friday, September 12, 2008

We are so doomed

Tell me we aren't.


  1. Yes. It is a dreadful video. It shows you how horrible graphics and repetitive music can mess up even the most inspiring of messages.

    I'm not one for blind trust, but I think that we have a chance to escape doom by voting with our heads. Maybe it is our last chance to do so.

  2. I wonder if this well-intended man understands that this may undermine the very cause he so artfully tried to sell. I hope we can put the sound byte age of Personality Cult behind us soon. My opinion, Elaine, is that we are going to have to have a lot more people who aren't either Republican or Democratic who understand the oppressive power of an all-encompassing government. There needs to be a house cleaning, that's for sure.

  3. seanymph2:42 PM

    That was the strangest video I think Ive ever seen......Im not sure if its for or against him tho lol. Look at the characters he used in it. Lots Boy George and his androgenous types. Are they says Obama is for all? Cuz if he is why do they keep playing up the black and denying his white side? Id think he would be talking about both alot to gain ALL votes.

    I dont know theres something about him that truly bothers me. I think hes a plant for something much bigger and sinister once he gets in.

  4. I think, sometimes, seanymph the people who hurt you the most, are the ones who love you the most. Obama is an empty suit, in my opinion, and his history in Chicago is proving to be substantially corrupt. I think big city pols are more corrupt, because their local gubmints are corrupt, their school boards are corrupt, their unions are corrupt. This is why big cities are in such trouble. Corruption is much too common. The 'experience these corrupt officials tout is all rooted in getting around the laws and rules they make for the rest of us. At some point, there is going to be a backlash against the double dealing double standards.
    I fear placing all my eggs in any basket. I have resolved, that no matter who wins the election, not to burn stuff down, or riot, kill or blame 'the other'. I also pledge not to riot, burn stuff down or mock the other if they lose! Heh.
    A lot of people are predicting a civil war, no matter who wins or loses. It might be a good time to relocate to Alaska.

  5. Only two to three thousand Muslims in the whole state, according to a news story today claiming they're miffed because Governor Palin hasn't sent them greetings or sought to hear their concerns.

    Somehow I'm sure they'll let her know anyway.

  6. Tis the season to be fasting.
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    That was too easy.


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