Thursday, October 23, 2008

Citizen journalists at a McCain rally

I haven't seen a whole lot of McCain or Obama signs around here. There are some bumper stickers and some signs. This sign, which is on the intertubes, is the best one I have seen this election cycle, so far.

Last Saturday, when Sarah Palin made her brief appearance on Saturday Night Live, she stopped here in Lancaster, Pretzelvania for a pep rally before heading into the lion's den.

I didn't get to go, but here is a video of that appearance....and my only gripe with La Sarah is that she mangled the pronunciation of Hero Township. It is pronounced LAN-kis-ter in these parts. Most people in the country would say LAN-CAS-ter, since there are plenty of Lancasters in the US of A, but I have never ever heard her say it her own spayshul way. Listen for it.


Sarah Palin visits Lancaster, PA.

The video starts off with protestors. Not the kind of big city, in your face protestors, mind you, but quiet, well-mannered and polite. Not your ACORN Nuts, to be sure. Oh well, we're talking about LANkister.

Meanwhile, my good friend Faye Todd, was on that same day in Melbourne Florida, for a McCain rally along with her family, and she thoughtfully supplied some commentary and photos of that event. Thank you Faye, and here is you moment of glory, such as it is on this site:

By Faye and her Family:

Thoughts from Cocoa about the McCain Rally in Melbourne and the state of the campaign in Brevard County, Florida. Anything added by Fay is in parenthesis.

Marianna (26)

The audience at the rally was over the top in enthusiasm. We were cheering over his talking, and it was more than that we all liked what he said. The people at this recent Melbourne rally were already staunch supporters, and they already knew what he was going to say. It was the one time to be completely enthusiastic because you just can’t do that among ordinary people in an ordinary setting. Conservatives, in my experience, tend to restrain themselves in regards to talking politics in public and polite company. All that bottled up energy exploded. The people behind McCain want to win so badly because we know what’s at stake.

Croce (22)

I don’t think the news is being truthful. I think he did fine at the Rally; I could hardly hear him because everyone was screaming so much.

On campus (Brevard Community College), many people are going to vote for McCain.

The only one who gives me a hard time (for wearing her McCain/Palin hat and pins) doesn’t know what he’s talking about.

Faye (58)

I could feel the incredible energy in the place. There was a moment when I realized everyone was willing John McCain to win. The people in that auditorium were begging him to win. He was forceful, energetic, warm, and determined. We couldn’t even hear his last few sentences because of the screaming and clapping but we knew he was exhorting us to Fight, Stand and Fight. It’s what we’ve been waiting for.

I am daring to believe he will win. As I said before, I wanted to believe in this candidate, and I found a reason. His character and determination to stand his ground for his convictions put him light years ahead of his opponent.

I can tell you he inspired a lot of people at that rally to get out of their comfort zones and do something to help him. That’s why I’m going to our local Victory Office tomorrow to help out on the phone banks. We have got to win. I couldn’t stand it if I did nothing .

Richard (58)

We are deep in conservative country so we wouldn’t know how McCain is doing in the rest of Florida. In our neighborhood every lawn sign supports McCain.

In my humble opinion:

* He’s going to win in Brevard County.
* A lot of people in Florida who are saying they’ll vote for Obama won’t.
* A lot of people who intend to vote for McCain are saying they are undecided.

If someone exit polls me, I’ll tell then to pound sand, but nicely.

The Bradley Effect is a mask for another effect, which is that some people really don’t like him. Then it will be an excuse for his failure to win the election and a rallying cry for rioting.

Juliette (48)

My impression of the rally was that God’s behind all of it, behind everything.

My theory: John McCain is running his campaign to please God.

(As though he’s saying)

I’m not going to cheat and lie. I’m obeying God and then leaving the results to God.

That’s why I think he’s going to win. I have a feeling he’s going to win.

Dave (49)

It was the first time I heard John McCain speak in which he was completely fluid, not stumbling, completely on target, best I’ve ever seen him.

Specifically about the Democrats and how they will overspend, and how he will reform.

He spoke to us on the Space Coast about funding the space program and not canceling the Shuttle until we have a replacement program.

(His) concept of Peace, Prosperity and Reform is concise and what he needs to win. He finally got it down to three words.

For the first time I in weeks, I felt he could come up from behind and win against the Obama campaign.

He was all together and really smooth.

Mary (80)

One of the reasons I was first attracted to McCain (8 years ago) was he was not one-sided. He reached across; if he believed in something it didn’t matter if he worked with a Republican or a Democrat. If he believes in it he fights for it.

I think he might win. I think he can bring us together.

It’s a long shot but I think people are going to come to their senses.

Thank you Faye and the Todd Family. I hope you enjoyed seeing yourselves in print. I appreciate that though we haven't met, we have so much in common, so many of the same hopes and dreams and aspirations for our country. Amazing how the miles disappear thanks to the evil technology in the Great Satan!


  1. Jewel,

    Your blog is a slightly surreal work of art. I hope you can get the Sarah vid up and running.

  2. Hi Cyril! You are the second person to comment on the fact that the Sarah video isn't working. Let me ask you: What browser are you using? I am watching it without any problems on Firefox 3, but I also watched in Opera's new browser too. I haven't tried explorer or safari, but if you double click, you should be taken to the website where I got the video.

  3. Works in FF3 and Safari 3.1.2 (which I'm using now) but they're right: the video window doesn't even show up in IE7. (Mrs. Dasalami has the crappy PC tied up so I can't check IE6 or Chrome right now).

    It's a gas trying four or five different browsers out before I feel comfortable publishing anything. Oy.

    You say LANcaster, I say potato.

  4. You say potato, I say taters, and I am looking at this in ie6 and sho nuff, it doesn't sho up! And there's an outline around my banner! I don't reckon it looks like that on any other browser than ie. so, hmmmm. I will put a note explaining that the video is viewable in any browser but ie 6 or 7. Haven't tried chrome. I didn't like how long it took to load everything in chrome. Maybe when they figger it out. I might install it.

  5. I have confirmed it works in Chrome, which is based on Opera.

    And, yes, it's slower than a fencepost turtle.

  6. I knew Chrome was going to be a dud when they had to put out a virtual graphic novel explaining how wonderfuller it was than everyone else's browser. I downloaded it onced, and never again. Just goes to show ya that Google can do some things well, and not everything.

  7. I love that first sign. Out here the Obama freaks are stealing them too. I saw on tv tho a pizza place giving discounts if they brought in a McCain sign. Many people complained and they were forced to stop. I only know one thing. Ive been deleted by so called friends and attacked for believing what I believe. My choice is McCain/Palin and I have a right to that. I dont attack others so why is it ok that Obama freaks can do that? This is the kind of govt. we are going to get if he gets in......we all have heard about his Goon think that will go away if he got in? Most likely we will become a police state if he does. These are scary times.

    BTW long, long ago (Im old here) I dated a boy from Lancaster, Pa. He filled me in on how to say it right (wink)

  8. I have met a lot of people whose friends and relatives have turned against them for political reasons. Me. I prefer to be the independent, non conformist. I wrote a piece on how uniformly conformist the so called non-conformists are. Such hypocrites. It is why I left the Human Rights Industry. Self-righteous pompous fools. Today, the unions and college followers of the One came and asked who I was voting for, and every time they came a knocking, I said with convincing cheer and gusto "Obama! And the husband, too!" They smiled and went away. Screw the pollsters! Lie Lie Lie, I say! And lift your glass at the end of the day for the Bradley Effect!

  9. Which makes you wonder just how true the polls are if others do as you do hehehe . I love it. Its like when the JWs came knocking on my daughters door and she told them she worshipped Satan. Now we dont do that and I was shocked to hear her say that but hey , you do what ya gotta do to get the door knockers to go away. They are such PITAs


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