Saturday, October 11, 2008

Yes on all counts

Is my blog f*rqd up. Indeed it is. I am not happy with Blogspot of late. I am trying new layouts and themes, but I screwed up in saving the links and widgets. So yeah, we are all effed up and no place to go.  I tried to make sense of some of the article wrap instructions but bonehead that I am, I couldn't make heads nor tails of the wonkspeak. I know that WordPress has a wrap widget, but lousy templates, still I may wander over there and check them out. I saved myself an address, just in case. Seethe. Damn my incompetence. But thanks, Vanderleun for letting me steal the graphic, and good luck on your election. I might just vote for ya, if you make Saracuda your veep.


  1. Sorry, Jewel. Blogging is such a pain.

    I don't know much about WP dot com, although I have a blog there for test purposes. I haven't been there in ages. It's GOT to be better than Blogger, though.

    I could tell you were having problems.

    Wish I could help, but I know from experience it's just you and the keyboard.

    What happened to the new theme, anyway? It looked like it was all coming together. It had ham!

    Ah well. Check out the graphic for my latest post. My first ever "fair use" of copyrighted material--AND a rare opportunity to use my yellow highlight "note class" box. Last time I used it was as a post update back in March, before I even went public, when Network Solutions killed the FITNA site that I had just linked.

    I am just writing my fiftieth post--a newbie no longer. I've read that a blog is "established" when it's been public for at least six months and has at least fifty posts. Coincidentally, I killed my Blogger blog after post forty-nine, when it had been up just six months. What's that tell ya?

    Anyway, you'll get it together. You're so talented, in and out of the kitchen.


  2. Oh, what I did was save the html codes, in fact, I downloaded other ones that are really cool, and now I have only to get the widgets back and I will be alright. If I change the layouts again, I will have the html for all the widgets and links saved! It is just a matter of time, is all. You are right, It's all me. Live and learn! I have had a difficult time with Daughter Unit #3, (is it ever anyone ELSE? I mean, I do have 4 daughters to choose from! Why must it always be Number 3?) who is suffering, and by extension, making the rest of us suffer from Bell's Palsy. I wanted to say to her the other day, after a particularly baaaaaaaaaaaaad day, "You make me hate you and I hate you for that!" But my better angel pinched my tongue, so I punched my pillow. Then I read the side effects of the medicine she is taking for it, and the first BAD thing is to NOT STOP TAKING IT IF YOU START BECAUSE YOU COULD DIE side effect. Causes fatigue, depression, loss of appetite, stomach aches, headaches, whininess, self pity and triggers the anti sympathy glands of parents overwhelmed by all the other side effects into a violent torpor of helpless rage. I guess I should cue the Cymbalta commercial theme song. It's so pretty.
    Fortunately, I am all better now, though Her Royal Pain in the Assness is still being a pain in the ass about it. But I feel better. Unmedicated, but still. Do you think the SubTitle of my new update should read: Children are a tasty treat any time of day. ?
    That might get me flagged.

  3. Hey, Scherzo. I see you still haven't revamped. You'll be OK.

    I'm not trolling, but my latest post is one almost all bloggers should find interesting, particularly those, like you, who are trying to put together a new thing.

    You mention getting flagged in your last comment.

    How would you like to get flagged in the Google search results?

    Before my experience with them last week, I'd have recommended McAfee Site Advisor to anyone.

    Now I'm not so sure, but millions use it. We have it installed at the office, even.

    And you won't believe what they're doing.

  4. I know what they did to JW, Haid. I left a comment there, but it is like all the other comments. I hope they pull their heads out, because I am liable to drop any association with McAfee.

  5. There! I fixed it for me.


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