Saturday, November 1, 2008

Adieu, Charles Johnson. I hardly know ye

One of the first blogs I ever read was Charles Johnson's Little Green Footballs. I like his blog, and I have managed to stay out of his radar, usually because I don't post anything that would upset him, and I am basically a nobody. I began reading LGF when I traipsed over from the dictatorial Lucianne Goldberg's (Jonah's mom) site. I was banned from Lucianne's site, for reasons that were never explained fully to me. But that's okay, I simply registered at LGF, which at that time had open registration all the time. This was before 9/11. After 9/11, LGF was the first blog of the day that I read. On the threads I met Evariste and Zorkmidden, and discovered their blog, Discarded Lies. Through LGF, I discovered the fantastic writing of Fjordman, the Blog Gates of Vienna and Auster's View From the Right.
It's sad the rift that has torn apart once good friends. It is even sadder when one person tars all the others with accusations that are untrue. I read GoV, Fjordman, Robert Spencer, and I comment and post links to LGF, and those other sites.
I have not commented on the rift and accusations of racism, because I am an outsider. I am nobody. Few people read my blog, and I write about things that are not of particularly weighty importance.
In essence, my blog doesn't make waves, doesn't cause trouble in the blogosphere. The comments I get are congenial and from a handful of people who are more like family than fans. I am content with that.
I don't consider myself a blog-journalist, and I have no axes to grind with anyone.
As much as I once respected LGF and Charles Johnson, and like his taste in music, I have to say goodbye to him. Because he has accused people whose writings speak for themselves, of racism, and of being in league with Nazis and fascists. This is wrong. Wrong, wrong wrong. They are no such beings.
Robert Spencer gets slammed from so many sides. His only crime is clearly laying out for half-wits like me, just what Islam's writings say about everything under the sun, but mostly jihad, dhimmitude and shari'a. Jihad and Dhimmi Watch are devoted to keeping as many people informed as possible about the truths regarding Islam and the West's reaction to it. That's it. It isn't more or less. Just a constant drumming of uncomfortable truths. And for that, Spencer gets death threats, hounded, falsely accused and now vilified by Charles Johnson.
I don't need to visit or link to LGF anymore, for all of the above reasons. Johnson doesn't need to ban me. I'm a nobody. I'll just ban myself, sir. Adieu.


  1. I couldn't agree more. From one nobody to another.

    'Cept you're special. ;)

    I once mused about changing the title of my blog: Haid Dasalami: Banned by Charles Johnson. LOL.

    That's how ridiculous the whole thing is. Spencer and Fjordman and Baron and Bostom are NOT racists. I get the same thing from people who take issue with my belief that we need to close our borders. That's racist, too, you see.

    Anyway, watch out everywhere for the Thought Police.

    I can't think of many people I want to be in the anti-jihad foxhole with more than Robert Spencer. Only jihadis and Islamic apologists oppose him.

    So which is Charles?

  2. Charles is an interesting case. In reality, his blog is his house, so I guess he can allow or outlaw anyone he wants to for any reason. But to so vehemently accuse very reasonable people of very unreasonable things and not allow them the right to defend themselves against his accusations makes him guilty of the very things of which he has accused them, to say the least.
    Charles is guilty of defining realities that are foreign to his culture. America is not homogeneous. Citizenship and nationality here has always been based upon ideals set forth by the immigrants who settled here, and then asserted themselves.
    This is a concept so foreign to those countries whence we came...even Britain.
    So. Are there ideals that individual countries strive for? Yeah. Does the fact that they tend to be perhaps one race or ethnic group diminish their own ideals about liberty? No.
    What is happening in Europe is nothing less than total usurpation of individual nations and cultures by an unelected bureaucracy. That bureaucracy vilifies everything and everyone that opposes them with the 'racist' label. And for nations where the manlier arts have been banned, the fear of being tarred with that brush causes many to either be silent, or to joint very militant racist groups, or to fight legitimately within their ideals about liberty and self rule. I don't think we can understand on this side of the pond how difficult it is for good people in Europe right now. All their institutions are corrupted, from the state churches, which no one attends anymore, to the universities, local police and governments. Try to get a cop to arrest anyone for an actual crime and you might find yourself arrested. Say something that's true, and you're sure to get a summons....especially in Britain. Just ask Paul Ray (Lionheart) or raise Oriana Fallaci from the dead and ask her.
    We have much of the same corruption in our institutions as well, but the fact that liberty is the hallmark of our country rather than a far off aspiration,and deeply ingrained into our national character.
    Charles can't understand that. So he judges people with a false standard. I don't know what to make of him. Europeans are not Americans, but there are some who want what we have, in the way of rights and freedoms, rather than wanting our destruction. They should be acknowledged, rather than branded with the same hot iron as the jackboots who wish for their own destruction and anarchy.

  3. I should have clarified: Countries in Europe have tended for the most part to be, historically speaking, homogenous. They certainly aren't that way now. But interestingly: The immigrants who don't want to integrate, who don't want to participate in the culture around them....tend to be rather homogenous, now don't they.

  4. This election is doing this to people, its stupid and its scary. I get really pissed being called a racist over and over when Im not. Sadly if they keep saying that ....we will all become that because they give us no choice.

    I voted today, first time in years. It was the right thing to do , for the right person but mostly cuz I have to live with myself. Its one tiny step of doing the right thing for my country. I lose friends over all this....because we cannot see eye to eye. Its shocked me cuz while I dont agree with everyone or expect them to agree with me, Ive always been fair and kind. I wanna know whos passing out the Kool-aid.....he must be stopped before they destroy all of us.

  5. I need a break from all the politicking, too, Sea Nymph. I really hate the race baiters. I am inclined to say, If it be racism, then make the most of it. Right now, I am going to work on making the ultimate chocolate chip cookie....I found a recipe at Smitten Kitchen via Leite's Culinaria. It looks like the most comforting thing you ever did saw!

  6. Anonymous12:16 PM

    I just found this blog entry searching google for "Charles Johnson" dhimmi ;) imagine that.

    I used to read and enjoy his blog also. I was shocked and sickened by his latest attack on Spencer, a man I have great respect for, over the facebook stuff.

  7. welcome to infidelphia, where you don't necessarily have to be anonimo, just pseudonomino.


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