Saturday, November 8, 2008

I should have gone to college or something

My convoluted correspondence @ The People's Cube with the orthographically challenged 'tee' continues. Compare the proselytizing competency of our dear tee to the apologetics of Christendom and tell me that Islam has it goin' on upstairs.

Res ipsa loquitur.

By tee
11/8/2008, 11:36 am

lol well thank you for ur reply homies.. just like to tell you that i sure hafta admit.. ur comebacks are WACK! lol
putting religion aside for a moment,
you tell me... what has gay bush i mean george bush done for the american economy for the last 8 yrs apart from bringing amerca into a HUGE debT!!!!! so many americans are suffering... are u guys chrisitian or jews, clearly ur not muslim! but clearly ur not good christians or muslims either ur just ignorant fags cuz a TRUE human being does not go and disgrace other religions, not that you have the capability to do so anyway, whatever you say, ur words are shit, why? because OBAMA WON! and ur telling me that all the ppl who voted for him, putting muslims aside, jews and christians are pigs?? they're alot wiser compared to YOU! ur telling me that 313 or so states in the US are fags? Damn, homie, i know ur sad but i mean, get ur facts straightened out and then talk!! your words mean nothing to me, singing stupid christmas carols will never lower the status of our 12th Imam (pbuh), it only makes u guys look dumber. the only ppl who make fun of others' religion are those who doubt their own

By tee
11/8/2008, 11:42 am

tonya hunny! I don't need to speak louder, clearly you are deaf lol. My pt is that the Quraan speaks of you people as deaf, dumb and blind. God has put a seal over your ears and you will never come out of darkness. Clearly, JEWS, CHRISTIANS AND MUSLIMS ALL HAVE SOMETHING IN COMMON. What is that you ask? We all have the same Lord! Allah, God, Yahowa, all refer to the same Lord. Now let me tell you that there is obviously only One Lord! regardless of whether ppl deny is existance, His is still there, His presence sounds the world, and the universe. If you don't believe in Him, that is your loss. God always sent a leader for humanity, what we shias believe is that the first prophet was Adam, the first man on this planet, followed by 124000 prophets and christianity, judaism were true religions before, but they were changed because of stupid ppl like yourselves. THEN God brought Islam and He will preserve it until the DAY OF RESURRECTION! wen u ppl will be realllllllllllllly sorry for what uve done.. muhahhahaha:)
here lemme share something special

By tee
11/8/2008, 11:55 am

umm here ya goooo
oh yeah, and one more thing. Theres no pt in wasting my time talking ot u guys, said whateva i had to say so if u have something to say, email me.. otherwise forget it u cowards..
Islam IS the fastest growing relgion in the world and pathetic ppl like u can do NOTHING about it
oh yeah,
and good bye

And my response:

By Tonya Greipenweiner
11/8/2008, 1:13 pm

tee, luv, obviously you are hooked on some really good hash, and it was so kind of you to share it with us, but I don't need any lectures about Islam being the fastest growing religion. Why is it that size seems to be the only thing that matters with you sheeple? From what it sounds like, you are either a bitter, barren first wife or a gloating pregnant fourth one.
As for me, I have a Dissociative degree in Middle Eastern Histrionics and a Major Minor in Arab Hubris Studies. So I think I know whereof I speak. As for the BushHitlerHalliburtonCheney legacy, only our children's children will know for sure about the glorious implosion of KKKapitalism, because that is what it will take to reeducate anyone who isn't eliminated. We are celebrating on this thread, but you continue to crap in our punchbowl. Please. Decorum.

Res ipsa loquitur, indeed!

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