Sunday, January 25, 2009

A Potpourri of Culture Collision

YES!!!! This is why I love Theodore Dalrymple so much....besides the fact that his name is fun to say....I just love tongue twisters.

"Staying recently in a South Yorkshire town called Rotherham—described in one guidebook as “murky,” an inadequate word for the place—I was interested to read in the local newspaper how the proprietors of some stores are preventing hooligans from gathering outside to intimidate and rob customers. They play Bach over loudspeakers, and this disperses the youths in short order; they flee the way Count Dracula fled before holy water, garlic flowers, and crucifixes."

Heh! Take that!

And now for some Unspoiled Beauty.

And I will just leave the final word to Capucine....if she can say it right, that is:

Tongue twister from Capucha on Vimeo.


  1. Anonymous10:47 AM

    So does this mean that playing AC/DC over the loud speakers would result in MORE robberies? I think so.

    I'm also a fan of Dalrymple. His articles are pretty much the first thing I read in my NR's.

    I think I hav mentionted this before, but nothing will vacate me faster from the local feed store than that gooey country western music. I'm a snob, I know. I tried to like this stuff but I finally figured that I didn't have to like it to get along. I just buy my stuff and get the heck out before it gets tattooed in my brain.

    Love the Capucha videos. Her laugh is infectous. Thanks for sharing her on this cold grey day.

  2. I agree about Capucine. She is adorable, and her little home movies are the sweetest. My brother used to work for Country Tonight Theatre in Branson, MO, and while I agree with you that listening to that schlock is an effort in musical futility, watching a live show can be amazing. The people who do live musical theatre have a drive and strength that I could never imagine. If you want to see what ac/dc can be like in the mouth of the wrong person, go here:

  3. Anonymous11:51 PM


    I gave a listen to the music on that link and the first thing that came to my mind was Yoko Ono crossed with ac/dc: Bad combination.

    I also enjoy live concerts of any type, even CW music. I like the energy of the audience. With CW music on the radio, I object to hearing the same gooey songs over and over.

    I try to get out to see any band that is on the verge of getting big. Many of these bands will do warn-up gigs in medium size towns. Way fun. I took my daughter to see the Sick Puppies and got right up to the stage without getting beat up too bad. Fun band! I'm not a real fan of being the only person who is not classifed as a "pin cushion" or has not downed five energy drinks, but oh well.

    For some reason I can not post unless I do it anonymous.


  4. Yes, Wing is just sublimely awful. I own her Best of the Beatles album, and it is like Yoko Ono, except that Yoko Ono can't sing nearly as bad as Wing. Still, what she lacks in ability she more than makes up for in pure guts. I don't know why you can't post as anyone but anonymous, but if you post under Nome/URL, you will be able to post as Lynndeepoo, once again.

  5. seanymph2:04 PM

    I just love this idea! It really should be posted all over and passed on. Just think of the peace we all can have if we played that music. Teens everywhere would explode.....heheeh

  6. I think my irksome teen has become immunized to the Bach effect. She actually sings along when I practice. Makes me mad as hell, too. She doesn't sing along, she mocks me with her outdoor voice.

  7. hi, I also adore .. Theodore Dalrymple for me is the best and I am one of his biggest fans around the world

    Bye bye and thanks


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