Saturday, February 7, 2009

Farewell to a Really Fine Blog

My dear friend Haid has closed up his blog for a needful bit of nectar to more sorely contemplate, and has penned a lovely essay. Really, it's a combination of two essays. He's already said farewell to all of us who came by regularly to visit him in the Kingdom of Da Salami, but this is his final post. On Monday, HDS will evaporate into the ethersphere, and you might be lucky enough to read his stuff cached through google. So I am republishing both here, as they appear on his site, and the Haid Da Salami link in the left hand side of my blog will link back to these essays here....or maybe to a link of the googleized cache, which might be better. We shall see. At any rate, it will remain here to remind me of what a good friend Haid has been. Sigh.

Detail of a fifteenth-century depiction of St. James by Blackfriar Lawrence OP (flickr)

To comprehend a nectar

At the end of the week this weblog, like a romantic intervention by Zorro, will vanish into the misty night leaving behind only the promise, as the signature of his sword proclaims, to remain watchful and to return again heroically when needed. So too, Santiago Matamoros will one day come again on his winged steed to beat back the awful Mohammedan hordes and to help usher in an age of peace on Earth. The mighty Moor Slayer will ride yet again at the head of the great battle.

One faith!

One crown!

All others be damned.

To be sure, our journey will be arduous and our path—whatever its ultimate direction—perilous, but our glorious eventual victory is preordained.

Listen: Already, the distant strains of triumph burst agonized and clear.

Photo by Jeremy Brooks (flickr)

From my “Terms of Service” page, written sometime before this blog went public:

Speaking of guarantees, another appropriate analogy is that this weblog is a lot like western civilization or modern life as we know it. Just because it’s here today, that’s no guarantee it will be here tomorrow.

My sincerest apologies to my many friends, readers, subscribers, fellow bloggers, and “millions of adoring fans.” I leave the anti-jihad in good hands—and I do mean leave. The great Haid Dasalami is no more. Anyone who wants the name is welcome to it, and I can make you a Hell of a deal on a well-designed weblog to go with it.

The reasons for my decision are personal, but I will say that things aren’t going all that well for me right now, and this action has become necessary. I’m not Brett Favre or Michael Jordan, so there will be no comeback. My retirement is permanent.

This domain may remain online for quite a time—a spectacle along the lines of “that colossal wreck” of Shelley’s “Ozymandias”—but the party’s over. It’s time to wind up my little charade.

It’s time to call it a day.


Graphic by alonzoD (flickr)

The Partys Over (Live at the Maisonnette) - Mel Torme

As I write back and forth with many other bloggers, one of the sentiments that reverberates among us is this: but for 9/11, we'd all be doing something we'd rather do than have to talk about the War Which Isn't. But we talk about it because we need to talk about it. Because the people who should be talking about it aren't. The ones who should be educating us and our children and our children's children have sold. us. out. We are completely dependent upon each other. We can't look to our press or government to help us out. We must survive by depending on ourselves. We are utter strangers but for this pressing need to not be alone on a huge battlefield with many fronts.

So thank you, Haid, for all that you have done in the nameless war on behalf our civilization. Whatever duties call you, we are with you and grateful that you have been with us.


Spanish Dance, Op.37, No.2 - "Oriental" - Alicia de Larrocha [Piano]


  1. Haid Dasalami1:40 PM

    I am honored and deeply humbled.

    Let this not be a tribute to me or to my incoherent ramblings, but rather to all those who, as you say, have busied themselves with ringing the alarm instead of doing what they'd rather do.

    And so, for all who've written me worriedly to check into what I'm up to, suffice it to say I'm doing what I must. Our great God calls us all to some service, and it's our duty to figure out what that call is.

    To all my confreres in the anti-jihad, and especially to my dear friend Jewel, I beg you to take care. Don't ever forget that there are others who believe their God calls them to acts of vile barbarity and sacramental carnage. Precautions are necessary and worth the effort.

    I am not deserving of tribute or even remembrance, but if you do remember me fondly, or even at all, I humbly ask for your prayers.

    You are all in my poor prayers, and so you will remain.


  2. Your twopence of thought and prayer is worth more to me and your friends here than any instanlanche offered by any of the titans in the blogosphere, dearest Haid!

  3. seanymph12:34 PM

    Im sorry to see you go Haid. While Ive never been to your blog, I have enjoyed seeing your comments here and reading the things jewel writes about you too. Im not sure why your leaving. I do know people do this on and off. Life intervenes at times. Even on my own blog at the moment its on hold due to family trauma trying to be resolved. But I dont want to close it. So hopefully we will still see you around here. :)

  4. Yeah, I think Haid will lurk around, and that is nice. Kind of like having a good friend show up at a piano recital secretly and being play better because of it. I also hope that the problems you are going through seanymph are resolving themselves, and if they aren't, that you are finding some comfort on lots of shoulders. I care about you deeply, lady, and am so sorry that you have these troubles. I got a nice letter from another mom today, who is also the parent of a prodigal child, and it was comforting reading her take on handling life's problems.

  5. seanymph12:41 PM

    I think if it wasnt for online friends, I would go nuts here. I am hopeful that next tues. we might have a good answer to all this. If will go to trial. I just think the whole thing stinks and is pointless. But I am grateful that your here and so are my other friends. You all help alot when Im feeling down. Hugs

  6. You are quite welcome, seanymph. I agree with you about online friends. I haven't met any of them yet, but knowing that there are so many of us who are going through what we go through, and that we aren't alone is like having added strength. I hope that saner heads prevail.


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