Thursday, April 23, 2009

Jerusalem Lies in Ruins

H/T Cranmer: 

The Archbishop hopefully won't mind if I post the whole sordid thing over here.  In addition, I have added a good Youtube version of Jerusalem. From what heights England has fallen. It's culture is in ruins, it's people lost, and  hungry devouring wolves inside the sheepfold. I pray, England, that you may, with God's help, find your way out of this darkness and become,  once more a Shining City on a Hill.

'Made in England' - the BBC's 'alternative national anthem'
This is Boris out and about in London today, celebrating St George and England's national day. Please enjoy it. Be enthused, uplifted and edified by it. For Cranmer is about to depress and distress you utterly.

Believe it or not, the BBC (ie taxpayers) and the Arts Council of England (ie taxpayers) have forked out for a brand new national anthem for England. Forget 'Land of Hope and Glory' and set aside 'Jerusalem'. For the BBC and the Arts Council commissioned Sam Dunkley to compose 'Made in England'.

Here are the truly inspirational lyrics. If anyone can find a link to the performance of this important composition, please let Cranmer know and he shall post it:

New alternative national anthem

I am England, England is inside of me.
I am England, England is what I want her to be,
I am England, I am English, I am England to my core,
And wherever you may find me, you'll find England.
England Forever More!
England, my England, she never lets me down,
Hustle bustle, urban tussle, dancing through the crowds,
Or out in the country, a fresh place for me to breathe,
England my England is always home to me!
Fish and chips in paper, with mushy peas,
Balti chicken, naan bread and onion bhajis,
A cup of tea and toast, roast beef and Yorkshire pudding,
Tastes of our culture, tastes like England to me!

Swing low sweet chariot, God Save The Queen!
Land of hope and glory and of pleasant mountains green,
England's future, past and today live in our minds on St George's Day,

England, England, my country!

Can you believe it?

What a lyrical genius to come up with ‘Fish and chips in paper with mushy peas.

Balti chicken with naan bread and onion bhajis.’

This is a requiem to New Labour's New Britain. It is utterly banal.

This is MUCH better,  Your Grace!

Try not to vomit up all those mushy peas and onion bhajis.  I am NOT cleaning it up! Here is the link to that wretched piece of choral flotsam. I hope the BBC is roundly ridiculed for foisting this upon the taxpayers who paid for it. 

New Labour Delenda Est! 


  1. I had to look up the following terms:

    Balti chicken with naan bread and onion bhajisPardon my lack of multiculturalism, but are those foods favored by Moslems?

    The term mushy peas is clearly a slam at the traditional British diet, IMO.

  2. Well I guess we are next. The big O wants to take our guns so why would he keep a national anthem that speaks of bombs and war? Sad world thats out there now.

  3. Jewel3:54 PM

    My opinion is this: Internalize our anthem, and add a few new (old) ones. Columbia the Gem of the Ocean, Battle Hymn of the Republic...which is my absolute favorite patriotic song. On September 12, 2001, my daughter's first day of preschool...she and he classmates memorized, MEMORIZED God Bless America. All these little 4 year olds, wearing home made hand painted american flag tshirts spent the whole year learning about their country and patriotism. How far we have fallen since then. The British have a huge head start on us. They willingly accepted the socialism which now devours them almost immediately following WWII. They accepted, without question, the whole transferral of another country to with in their own. I think Americans will not go quietly into that dark night.
    More powerful than bombs and guns, is mockery. President Zero cannot handle it. He is humorless, and that is ultimately his weakness. We will see how far he goes in ENFORCING his vision of America upon Americans. We can complain all day long about his proposals, but ultimately, it comes down to enforcing them. Whether he will be successful in that remains to be seen, so I am optimistic.

  4. ---wanders off singing God Bless Americaaaaaaaaaaaa

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