Sunday, April 19, 2009

My new Midlife Crisis

I'm not really into the whole "Eurovision" Song competition thing, mainly because of the following reasons:

1. Europe is a nation of cheese eating surrender monkeys, a slight against
cheese, to be sure.

"A Dutch frigate from the NATO force responded immediately to the distress call and trailed the pirates to a Yemeni-flagged fishing dhow the brigands had seized Thursday, Fernandes said.

The bandits were using the Yemeni vessel as a "mother ship," a larger vessel that allows the pirates' tiny motorboats to hitch rides hundreds of kilometers (miles) off Somali coast, greatly expanding their range.

The pirates climbed into the dhow and Dutch marine commandos followed soon after, freeing 20 fishermen whose nationalities were not known. Fernandes said there was no exchange of fire and Dutch forces seized seven automatic weapons and one rocket-propelled grenade launcher.

Seven Somali pirates were briefly detained, but they were soon released because "NATO does not have any detainment policy," Fernandes said. Another reason the pirates could not be arrested: they were seized by Dutch nationals and the pirates, the victims and the ship were not Dutch, he said.

Middleton, the U.K.-based piracy expert, said NATO sees its "main role as deterring and disrupting pirate activity" — not prosecuting brigands."

How about just shooting them on sight?

2. I am not particularly fond of European pop culture or music. I will say, however, that I am an unabashed fan of Susan Boyle, (this clip is the best of the lot on Youtube)  for reasons that can be best explained HERE

and HERE:

"What really interests me about the clip is not so much her talent as her story and people’s passionate reaction to it. Susan Boyle’s experience has all the symbolic power of a fairy story. It’s a story of transformation - always one of the most powerful - both for her and for her studio audience. 

She, in fairy-story terms, is the ugly old lady, despised by all, who turns out to be a beloved and powerful princess; the spell that sets her free and makes her great is her magic talent. And the special magic of this talent is that it is makes no distinctions of age or beauty or disability; anyone might have this magic power, whether or not anyone else knows. Aspirations and dreams need not always grow old, though we must. It is a fairy story to make grown men and women weep, and it did. 

Similarly, the jeering audience of vain young people trying to catch the camera’s eye and the preening judges of this contest are the nasty boys and girls of fairy stories who mock the poor old lady because she is not young and beautiful, only to be punished when her real self is revealed. And their punishment is to be revealed as they truly are - heartless, thoughtless and superficial - the flotsam and jetsam of the polluted seas of celebrity, likely to sink without trace into toxic foam. They will grow old too, to be ignored in their turn, and then they will understand that appearances are not everything. And those who despise people who are not thin, not young, not beautiful and not cool will one day find themselves despised in exactly the same way, by people just like their younger selves. That is enough to make young people think."
But I digress. Eurovision seems a rather oxymoronic thing, since Europe's only vision seems to be foisting a multicultural Dystopia upon its peoples and gelding them into one prostrate city state of line mongers, on their way to filling out the next form for the Chocolate Poodles which govern every aspect of their lives.

Yep, that pretty much sums up what I feel about the whole Eurovision thing. Oh yes. And they are America haters ....fueled by the media. Rabid America haters. But not to be outhated by the Eurowankers is Israel. Good old Iddy Biddy Satan herself. The source of all the OTHER evils in the world. Really, go ahead and boycott. EVERYTHING ISRAELI. If you can.

So why does Israel submit a song in the Eurovision contest every year? Are they wanting entry into the EU, or something? Yeesh. Nope, Israel should be singing Hatikva and generally give the finger to the smug, self-righteous haters of Europe. But here is their entry...and keep in mind the following, so as not to get entirely confused:

The Arab-looking chick is actually Jewish, (from Yemen) and the European-looking chick is actually the Arab (Christian)....and an Israeli....yeah, I'm sure that after watching this video, the Europeans and all the other Jew haters in Araby will see the light and make peace....Good luck with that ladies.

Nope. What the Israelis should do, and continue to do is be Israelis. Get in your Chevy and drive off the Road to perdition with a new roadmap, guys. Here's my new midlife crisis, and he's an Israeli. Sigh.

Possibly the most creative and whimsical video I have seen in a very long time.

His voice is soft, low, and as seductive as a whisper on the nape of my neck. Aaah, sweet vexation! I am so in envy of the beautiful redhead in the video.

She is truly Morning Elegance to behold.

Shir Shomron


  1. Anonymous6:45 PM

    man she's cute

  2. She's ethereal. I look like Susan "Lance My Boyle" I am jealous. Look at all the cool things she can do in her sleep! And he's such a nice looking young man, too.

  3. Anonymous11:05 AM

    lol i highly doubt you look like susan boyle

  4. Jewel3:23 PM

    Not now that I had my whiskers pucked and my eyebrows separated! The mole refuses to budge....I might need dynamite for that!

  5. Just paint your mole, it worked for many great beauties in time. :)

  6. She looks like she could be my sister. That's about my coloring, hairs a little lighter, though.

  7. Jewel9:16 PM

    She is really pretty. She looks like one of my best friends. The same pile of red curls. She was gorgeous, model gorgeous and she hated her looks.


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