Thursday, May 20, 2010

Draw Mohammed Day

Well, this is my lame ass attempt at offensive humor. I failed. The teacher will want to talk to me after class, no doubt.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

What have we become?

The world is descending into terminal madness. We have all but lost civilization and are descending into a new, sub-human dark age. In spite of the name of this blog, this is NOT for dinner. At any time. Dostoevsky was right: If there is no God, everything is permitted.

Salvador Dali Cannibalism in Autumn

Great Falls, February, 1996. A single mother sends her only child to school. He's all of 8 He walks every day, and she watches him leave and he always waves good-bye.
The boy never showed up for school.  The school calls his mother at home. He never came home. She calls the police, frantic, and they come, assuring her that her boy is probably just skipping school, but she calls again the next morning, he hasn't come home.

Zachary Ramsay

Soon the neighborhood is out looking for him. Many witnesses had described a man following a crying boy, others saw an off-white car. What I remember is that even his mother came under suspicion.
I remember walking that winter along the Missouri River's edge trail, looking along the bank of the river, almost expecting to see a body, and of course, finding none.
Ultimately, we all came to the conclusion that the boy had vanished for good, and was dead. Little did we know.

I am always amazed at man's ability to minimize evil in order to avoid confronting it face to face. Consider what people say about Islamic is but a small fringe of extremists. Indeed. It was only 19 hijackers who managed to kill 3000 people on September 11th, 2001. It was only a few men who blew up the trains in Madrid, only a few boys with back packs who blew up the buses and the tubes in London. Only ever a singular backpack bomber who kills a dozen innocents. A hundred innocents. What does it matter?
The prosecutors in Worcester Mass, didn't want to face the reality of yet again prosecuting Nathan Bar-Jonah for his crimes against children. They didn't want to call evil by its name. It is as if by calling something wicked is a sort of talisman which will cause evil to materialize. Pure and simple. Cowardice. So evil is swept under Great Falls' carpet. Bar Jonah is but one man, yet his grisly and horrific crimes against his neighbors made him as dangerous as a large bomb going off in a crowded market. One evil man can do such damage. Yes. One man, with lemming followers can achieve war and genocide on a worldly level..

One man can stand up to a vast army of evil men, and with a small cadre of dedicated, like-minded virtuous citizens can hold back the tide of evil. We must be willing to face it and name it for what it is. We must be willing to speak the truth that dare not say its name.

Interesting update:  Babies know right from wrong.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Happy Mother's Day

I know I've screwed up. My children may never forgive me for the failures of my life....which are many, of course.

None of the regrets I have involve children, and that's a good thing, right, Carol?