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If the Trumpet could speak

H/T Gerard via Buzzfeed
Is the young anarchist in the photograph proud of himself? Is he? He is all but naked, he is holding in his teeth a pair of very expensive sunglasses, and though frozen for a moment forever, you can make out the swagger of a man who believes he has accomplished something very important with his wanton act of vandalism. He has made a statement, of course.

Death to the police! The law be damned.

But I am not interested in him...he's a piece of wondrous crapmanship, all right. No. It is the trumpet that has caught my eye.

The trumpet was made according to very strict guidelines. The combination of copper and nickel  and other metals was exact, the precise width and bend of the pipes were carefully hammered out, and it was passed on to someone else who buffed and cleaned and polished and buffed again and again and again.

The specific color of brass that plated it was not some helter skelter crap shoot, but a precise calculation by metallurgists.

The inlaid pearl on the buttons, and the springs, and every little detail that went into the exquisite etchings on its bell made this manly instrument a work that required many skilled hands and minds, with the end result being that the man playing the trumpet submits to the authority of a conductor, who not only knows the trumpeter's part, but all the parts of the symphonic work as well, with the trumpeter playing only his parts when called upon. The trumpeter must trust that the conductor knows his job, and the conductor must trust the trumpeter to likewise know his music and instrument.

The trumpet and the trumpeter are the outcome of strict, ordered and well-disciplined minds and hands, as its  music is also ordered. They are in tune with all around them, and take their cues from all around them. And as a result of the order and skill, we who are not skilled in the playing of the trumpet  meet with the sublime and are elevated by it.

So, clearly, the man holding the trumpet is not worthy of such a fine creation. As an anarchist, it is the wrong instrument for him. He should be playing the vuvuzela. The vuvuzela is a loud, obnoxious, plastic one-note irritant. Those who blow it adhere to no civilized rules of decency, there is no music in its bell, it is an abomination from hell. It is mass produced by people who don't care about anything but selling as many of these noise makers as possible. It is the base, appealing to the low.

Why is he holding this trumpet? Have you ever just walked into a store and bought a trumpet? It is an expensive thing. Not a toy to be played with.

The vuvuzela is more fitting for the sort of money an anarchist would pay out for anything, if he so much as thought about paying for something.

Not that I can imagine him actually paying for anything. Perhaps he will be allowed to make monthly payments on a slightly toasted police car.  I wonder what his credit score is.

Update: From Digital Journal via
Planck's Constant:

Quoth Alkidya in the comments:  
"My take on the Trumpeter??? 
He, along with a hundred other Black Bloc anarchist thugs broke into the "Mettro Sound and Music" store on Yonge Street, looted the place and he got the last musical instrument. His preference was an electric guitar but they were all taken.
First come first served. One guy tried to commit suicide atop a music store.
Maybe it was that trumpet guy? I hope he succeeded. "

Why Civilizations Fall

In the story of A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court, the main character, Hank Morgan, a mechanic in an arms manufacturing plant wakes up one day in King Arthur's England. He does everything he can to advance the backwardness of the peasants and royalty alike, but in the end it all comes to naught, as the people are forgetful and more comfortable in their ignorance. All of the advancements he made to the civilization in which he found himself was wasted, and there's the nugget of truth for today's civilization.

Advanced as we've become, we are hurtling backwards into a new dark age.

Isaac Schrödinger  writes sparingly about this very topic, as he does with everything he writes. Click through the links on this post for details  He uses a minimum amount of words for the maximum effect.
Why did the Roman Empire fall apart? One important reason is that the people who built and forged the institution had long been dead by the end. Men like Scipio couldn't reach out and teach the later offspring about life and how to wage war.
Take a simple example at the micro level: At my high school, I once saw a kid sitting with his African parents. The kid wasn't doing well in his courses. The parents spoke perfect English, were sharply dressed and exuded class. This made an ugly contrast with the boy: shirt half-out, slumped in the chair on to his right side, mumbling on how he'll really do better this time.
His parents just couldn't understand. They had sacrificed so much for him. They both worked full-time. They understood how hard life is. They had provided him with so many comforts and opportunities. They had enrolled him in a school in the West. But what was the result? He regularly skipped classes, cheated on assignments and was failing two out of four courses.
Why! How! It didn't make sense. This kid was living a life of luxury better than what 99.99% of humanity could dream of. Why was he pissing over every chance he was given?
Upon learning history, the question answers itself.
Every institution in this country is corrupt, slothful, and failing in its basic responsibility to the generations to follow.  A nation built upon optimism and faith, which sloughs off its beliefs will descend into hedonism, decadence and fatalism.

Wake up and strengthen the things which remain.

A Hat tip to LL (international jewel thief), who left  the title of the Kipling poem, City of Brass  at Infidel Bloggers Alliance, where this is cross-posted:

Thursday, June 17, 2010

This Book only costs $19.95!*

From Iowahawk: Enter the Dragon

I might just buy this book, which is reasonably priced, really. Honestly, I don't think it's too much at all!

*(Please include check or money order for $19.95 plus $6.95 S+H, plus $23.95 National Health Care Coverage Tax, $18.95 VAT, plus $6.95 National Recovery Stimulus Service Fee. Lobbyist Residents of DC please add 18% reelection gratuity. Offer not valid in Red States.)
For only $19.95, you'll learn the 17 deadly katas of the CONG-FU fighting discipline -- including Hu-Yu, Flip Slap, Ah-Sol palm thrust, wrist grab rabid monkey style, and Nu-Gi -- along with step-by-step illustrations of Sensei Bob rendering attackers speechless. In this exclusive internet offer, we'll also include a free action-packed DVD!

Of course, my brother-in-law has an awesome ass-kicking program, too.

And you don't even have to be a person of congressional origin!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Food Porn Hotline: Episode 3

Somehow, at Discarded Lies, we manage to always find a way of changing the subject, which was about brass balls, but morphed into something more edible.

Succulent tender pork, falling off the bone, in collagen liquid joy.... Mesquite mixed with maple equals smoky sticky goodness. Fingers will be half eaten before it's over. But the potatoes! Ahhhh, small infant potatoes of gold, bathed in drawn butter with lemon, parsley and salt and a whiff of dill. Bite down upon one of those delicate morsels and the skin pops, while the butter rushes in to enhance the creamy soft center. Asparagus, lightly crisped and roasted, so delicious. Not a soggy slurp, this, oh no, my friend....and dessert....a butterscotch tart...dainty little pudding pie with a dollop of whipped cream....but only if you saved some space for it.

Liquid collagen.....is what happens to ribs when they are slowly roasted in the oven on a low heat. For hours. The cartilage begins to melt, flavoring the meat even more. It leaves a silken, satiny kind of feel to the meat. But the meat literally melts in the mouth. I would have barbecued or smoked them, but for the fact that our grill only knows how to burn everything if you aren't out there every single moment flipping....and forget what Bobby Flay says about flipping things only once. Not on our grill anyway.

I use a good rub, homemade, with dried herbs, paprika, cumin, salt, pepper onion and garlic powder and a bit of cayenne.

Then, after a good, long, slow roast, I add a barbecue sauce, which is usually KC Masterpiece. But tonight, I kept it simple and just poured maple syrup...Log Cabin, to be exact, and after the final hour of cooking, they were sticky, sumptuous, silky, succulent, sigh inducing delights. We are still smiling, even as I write this.
(The occasion is that the boy what knocked up the irksome middle child has manned up and asked her to marry him...yesterday, at Knoebel's Park on the Ferris Wheel.)

I have had salt potatoes, and even made them. Those are really delicious as well.

As for the tarts....no room for pudding pie. Another dinner, perhaps. 

Best  compliment ever:

Franco: "Jau jau's (my other nic) food is so sensuous that it can make red-blooded American males forget about sex momentarily."

I'm Comic Sans

If fonts could really say what they mean.
...shamelessly stolen from Ka-Ching! aka Gerard, who stole it from some other place.

Monday, June 14, 2010

something memorable

My oldest brother spends at least an hour in the quiet hours of his hectic morning doing what he calls 'memory work.'  It is a requirement of his household to not come a-knockin' when he is doing his memory work. That is amazing enough to me, when I consider that my brother dropped out of high school at the age of 16 and joined the Navy. I am not sure when he got his GED, but since he became a committed Christian, he has devoted the first part of his day to memorizing scripture. Very often, in Greek. He taught himself  New Testament Greek many years ago, and still studies the scriptures in that language. I haven't been as diligent in memorizing Scripture the way my brother does, but there are things worth memorizing, and there are things worth remembering, and I will make a vain attempt to combine the two in this post. I hope it is memorable enough to pass around. On its own, it is a bracing confrontation against unreality.

In the American Digest Sidelines:
summer patriot, winter soldier: "...to not resist aggression. it is immoral

The first thing about john jay's writing is that he uses no capitalization. And the punctuation isn't quite all polished. I am not sure why, but it adds to the ruminative quality of his writing. It reads like a brilliant flash, put to word, so that the very thought isn't lost before it gains expression. I am going to publish it here, in full, with thoughts of my own, interspersed:

it is immoral to not resist aggression.

whether in matters personal, political, religious or in statecraft, ... , it matters not, ... , to not resist aggression is to aid and abet the aggressor, and to assure that after your demise at his hands, he will seek the conquest of another. whatever you may feel the worth of the stance to you as a personal matter, by adopting such a stance, you assure the suffering of another: no high blown assertion of morality can escape this essential fact, and to inflict this suffering on another, perhaps less capable of protecting him or herself than you, is immoral, unethical, and unforgivable.

and, it is cowardice.

I don't remember her name. Only her story. It gripped the attention of Lancaster County, PA and then the rest of the country. It started off as one neighbor harassing another. The harasser was trying to goad the other into a violent confrontation. She simply wouldn't cooperate, but kept forgiving him. That is the Mennonite way. He kept upping the ante, banging on her door and threatening her, cutting her electricity, her phone, her cable. Finally she called the police when he personally threatened her with a knife. When the police came to arrest him, she had a change of heart and dropped the charges. She forgave him. That is the Mennonite way. He received an unmerited act of kindness and grace from her, and was all the more desirous to 'really go after her' this time. And he did. The next time he banged on her door, she answered, and he shot her, killing her. There would be no forgiveness this time. He stole her car, and fled the jurisdiction to parts unknown.

by not resisting such aggression, to the death if demanded by circumstance or dignity or honor, is to assure that someone else will bear the brunt of your folly, and that you engender your own fate upon the will of another.

i spit in the face of those who blather about ghandi and passive resistance.--

The police had issued an APB for the stolen car, but it was too late. He fled Pennsylvania and went to Indiana, where he killed another couple - complete  strangers - and fled with their car. Now a local problem that could be contained by a local police force and a local judicial system had expanded into other states. What was a local story now became a national story. And the murderer was only beginning his spree.

ghandi chose the tactics he chose in india because he knew that he did not face an aggressor who would destroy him in passivity, but because he knew that the english would respond to the moral suasion and historical and ethical argument he would bring to bear on them. ghandi was a privileged man, educated and trained, inculcated into the culture of locke and blackstone, and trained in the common law in england. he practiced law in england, and in south africa, enjoying the wealth, honor and privilege that only observance of the strictures of empire could bestow upon him. and, in learning the law of england, the great doctrines of the common law, and in learning the thought and doctrine of the west and its moralistic teachings of religion and philosophy, he knew that he had acquired the intellectual and political weapons he needed to throw off the yoke of empire.

then, and only then did he adopt his native swaddling.

passive resistance would not have served the indians against the nazi's.

The woman thought she was doing the highest, most noble act in the manner of Christ. To turn the other cheek. To forgive and forgive again, seventy times seven, if necessary. But all she accomplished was to add to her lengthening queue of victims murdered by her crazed neighbor. He felt no redemption in her noble act of generosity. She didn't win him over to Christ, but rather, she cast her pearls before swine, and they were trampled into dust. And then he killed her, leaving behind her grieving husband and children. She was only in her late twenties. And his next victims only became acquainted with her in death.

passive resistance did not serve european jews against the nazi's, nor the pogroms of eastern europe and the russians, ... , nor has it served the jews of israel against the transgressions and attacks of islamic arabia, nor will it serve the jews of israel against the rabid islamic islamic fundamentalism that sweeps turkey.

it is not moral not to resist your own murder, not to fight your murderer until your last drawn breath. it is immoral not to do so, it is unethical, and it is the height of historical folly for nations to adopt that conceit that the moral high road lies in "peace" against all provocation.

in this strategy,therein lies the lie.

to not resist aggression, is to aid, abet, further or encourage the acts of aggression taken against you. you do not dissuade your attacker by being passive, you encourage and embolden him, ... , in fact, you "egg him into" further acts taken against you.

Indeed, this is what she saw, time and time again. And after killing his victims in Indiana, he killed another man in Minnesota, and once again, fled with his car. The FBI tracked him down following his devastating path of personal destruction. He murdered and fled with the victims' car in Tennessee, and was finally cornered in Oregon, where he killed several FBI agents, before finally being dispatched. All told, and I forget the total body count, was it six or seven or eight? All of them, stemming from one too many acts of forgiveness.

and, you perform another act, not usually recognized or stated, but in not resisting your aggressor, you rouse in him his contempt for you, for your singular cowardice. in the mind of such an aggressor, you confirm the morality of his actions by the demonstration of your singular lack of worth to continue existing, this lack of worth proved by the simple fact that you do not believe in your own worth to exist. the aggressor simply concludes that if you do not feel, will not assert your own right to exist by defending yourself, then you simply to do deserve to be here. and, he condemns you for your idiocy.

i will say this again. passive resist in not only the fool's last act, before departing this vale of sin and tears at the hands of his attacker, ... , it is a positive act of immoral, unethical and cowardly commission.

even the mouse turns against his attacker.

these remarks will be expanded upon.

john jay @ 06.12.2010

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I Gottahavawannaneeda!

Oh, how I wish my spawn would have gotten me this for mother's day! My anniversary is coming up on the Twenty-Oneth of June. Maybe my husband would be so thoughtful. Of course, Father's day is the day before that. Maybe I could get him one, and we could share. Think of all the things you could do with this! It's a Star Wars Trek Dream Come True. (May potentially be a nightmare in reality)

The only reasons you would ever want one:

Warning: Extremely dangerous is an understatement to the power of 1W of laser power. It will blind permanently and instantly and set fire quickly to skin and other body parts, use with extreme caution and only when using the included eye protection. Customers will be required to completely read and agree to our Class IV Laser Hazard Acknowledgment Form.

I hope this doesn't fall into the wrong hands.  Imagine a boat fulla Turks using this on the IDF.

Racetards. I friggin' hate racetards

What do you do? What DO you do, when things are now going your way, politically, culturally, ecomonically?
What DOES a civil rights cabal do when there's nothing on the horizon to bitch about? Well, if you are the racetards in the NAACP, you put your stupidity on television for everyone to see, and then you make the Big Guys bow down and acknowledge that your stupidity is really, really GENIUS! And then they appease the bullies  victims with lots of filthy lucre. And concessions. Of course. Wouldn't have it any other way.

These guys couldn't parody themselves any better than I could. Laugh at them. Just laugh at them.
What a bunch of losers.
So what IS the definition of racism these days?

Saturday, June 12, 2010

George Shearing - Just because

I love his music. And this isn't such bad time wastage....is it?

Well, when you put it that way.

Thanks, Gerard.

Some more Shearing: Mack the knife, played in such a manner as to bring you to tears.

H/T Pamela

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Going Galt on the Public School System

I have decided to pull my youngest child from the middle school she had been attending and to home school her myself.  The reasons have been multiplying, mostly based upon incompetence and institutionalized insanity, but the last two straws were when she came home and told us that one of her teachers very loudly stated that anyone who believed that global warming was a fraud and a hoax was, and I quote: AN IDIOT.  All year long, she had to bite her precious lower lip to keep from scoffing at a certain  indoctrinatrix about the fact that "CO2 was NOT a poison, DUH!" (her 7th grade scientific response). And now, she was being called an idiot by the same blithering gaggle of gobbledygeeks who KNOW BEYOND A SHADOW OF A DOUBT more than you.

The final straw was even more serious than the imbecivility displayed by the 7th Grade Dunce Squad.

On the day that Israel was attacked and had to kill 9 terrorists aboard the Turkish Flotilla of Fools who opened fire on them and savagely beat them with pipes and knives as they dropped down to the decks, she said, watching the news unfold on television, quiet and simply: "Israel's bad."
"Bad?" say I, unbelieving.
"Yeah," she repeats. "They do mean things and steal other people's land."
"Who told you that?" I ask.
"All my teachers say so."  She didn't have a reason to question it the way she did with global warming, after all, she had 10 snow days to make up this year, and won't be getting out of school until the 14th. With Israel, on the other hand, she only knows what she hears...and maybe they AREN'T lying about Israel.

"Honey, Israel is the only democracy in the middle east. It is surrounded by hostile enemies whose religion tells them to KILL THE JEWS and CHRISTIANS.
"Are they Muslims?" She asks.
"Yes. And their holy book tells them to always fight and kill the Jews and the Infidels....which is us." I no longer add that all too familiar *clause which will prove how tolerant I am, because it just isn't true anymore, and I simply don't care. The evidence is to the contrary. (*Not all Muslims are terrorists) Maybe they aren't but the Koran is a terrorist manual, and you can't tell me that a lifetime of hearing KILL KILL KILL! DIE DIE DIE! over and over again from infancy won't leave a mark. Enough. Khalas! Islam is putrid evil. Quit amending your statements to be more sensitive. It is enough. Tell the truth brazenly. It is the only weapon of substance we have left.

Well, what followed was an intense hour of serious history, taught by yours, very truly, to my 13-year old daughter. I wouldn't let her leave without hearing it. Simply put, it was way too important. So she sat there and afterward, asked questions:

Why does everyone hate the Jews so much, if they aren't bad?
Did the Jews steal everyone's land?
Do they kill Palestinian babies?

On and on and on it went. When I finished, she said:
"I wish you were my history teacher."

So now, I am. And the first thing we are going to learn is WHY JUST ABOUT EVERYTHING YOU WERE TAUGHT IN SCHOOL IS A LIE.

But wait! There's more school induced anger and outrage:  New school fundraising tactic: Be prepared to vomit fire from the slowly smoldering rage gland you didn't even know you had.
This video is not safe for glass and other breakable objects. Have someone restrain you with duct tape when you watch it.

Not to leave anyone with the feeling that the situation is hopeless, I leave you with this - and God bless 'im for being so brave. We need to be like this. I need to be like this. You need to be like this. This is what you call "Speaking Truth to Cowards."

Hat Tips to Gerard and Daphne

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Monday, June 7, 2010

The Jooz - Through Evil Zionist Mind Control Have Shut Up Helen Thomas!

This is an update on the Helen 'Send the Jooz back to Poland'  Thomas Affair: Evil World Dominating Jew Zionist Mind Controllers have made her own agents provacateurs oust The Press Corpse!

Via American Digest: Door. Ass. Bang!

Obviously, Joo power is potent, if not powerfully potent. The mockery and ridicule they heap upon the brave humanitarians who only wanted to help the poor, starving, shackled Gazoids after the Israelis violently forced them to beat up IDF thugs is beyond the pale. I had to watch it several times, just to memorize the lyrics.

Needless to say, the Perpetually Outraged, Offended Pashas are upset at the mocking and the ridicule. From the article, brutally translated with machetes and cleats by Google, which is googlese for Garbled:

"Jerusalem - Firas Press: find a video clip comic making fun of Israeli activists convoy "fleet of freedom" which was attacked by a military force in international waters at the weekend, very popular on the Internet.

The total number of hits on video, 897 811 View just two days after his presentation, on "YouTube." And watched in the video clip depicting the members of the Israeli group, waving rods and knives, and sang spokesman activists convoy "we cheat the world" in a travesty of the world famous song song We Are The World.

And appeared in the background scenes of members of the Israeli forces are "attacking" by peace activists on board the convoy, as he claims the video.

The group will begin with the comic song: "it's time to be in need for a review before the world and the internet .. there are people dying to do best what we are doing is launching the biggest hoax ever."

And follow up: "We make the world abandon logic and turn everyone to believe that Hamas is a Mother Teresa., Crave the quiet travel with pistols and knives, and not really up to you and to your screens forever."

"If Islam and terrorism has led to lift your spirits but you are afraid to touch that painted the picture you just called yourself" peace activist and humanitarian aid. "

The Israeli military force stormed the convoy which was carrying a Navy humanitarian aid to the besieged Gaza for nearly four years of fierce condemnation of the Israeli government that justified such a step that the convoy was carrying "mercenaries", according to Israeli radio quoted the army spokesman.

And had already met Israel uproar caused by the liquidation of Hamas leader, Mahmoud hoarse, in Dubai, which has accused the security authorities in the Emirate of Mossad of being behind the crime, baleish propaganda to promote the store in March.

He justified the organizers of the Declaration, which was filmed on the type of video security for Dubai Police, has invested media momentum to the issue."
Bwahahahhaha! They even included the viral video at the end of the article....so that they could be even MORE perpetually outraged and offended!

Foot-tapping, rage-inducing finger licking ridicule.

Israel Forced to Apologize for YouTube Spoof of Flotilla
(from the usual leftarded appeaseniks)

Yet another update: From Atlas Shrugs: Youtube has removed the video, claiming it is a copyright violation, whichi is legally not true, since it is a parody, and that is exempt from copyright law  This video has received more than 3 million hits. I have updated the link to a mirror site within Youtube, but who knows how long that will last.

You can also find the video at Bliptv.

Exquisite Time Wastage

I suffer from insomnia. I'd go to bed and sleep, but my brain tells me there is always something I have to do. Something I have to read, something I have to clean. A walk I should probably take. Something other than sleep. I get by at times on only 3 to 4 hours a night of sleep. Sometimes, I just don't sleep at all. Part of the reason is my night job as a baker, and part of it is that I can't sleep in a bed horizontally, without my back hurting me after ten minutes or so. I have gotten used to sleeping in a semi-upright position, so I manage somehow to get something like sleep.

Last night, I discovered that having a half a snort of red wine made me sleep most of the night, quite restfully, in fact. Better than sleeping pills, in fact.

So it is times like this, when I can't sleep, I get online and read...
....or watch YouTube. Such precious moments. Wasted. Watching YouTube. But, what a trove of time-wasted treasure I  often find. Case in point...H/T Allahpundit.

Even more interesting, hidden in a link within the paean Allapundit penned, is the fact that the video was made at one of my favorite places: Knoebel's Amusement Resort, a scant two hours north of Hero Township.

You see how much fun the fruit of my loins and the sire that begat her are having on that ride? Exquisite time wastage. Not your everyday Kodak moment!

So, sleepy head that I ought to be, and having a head full of thinks waiting to be thoughted, I will summon sleep assistance from YouTube:

Saturday, June 5, 2010

The Press Corpse Speaks Her Mind

Time for a pome, keeds.  Ripped straight outta the guide book on writing pomes, by Dr. Seuss:

Green Lox mit Schmear:

Those Evil Jooz, Those Evil Jooz, oh How I hate those Evil Jooz.
Those Wretched Jooz should just go home, they should go back to France or Rome.
We do not want them here or there, we do not want them anywhere.
They don't belong in Palestine. Without those Jooz, all would be fine.
There shouldn't be an Israel, without those Jooz, all would be swell.
I hate those Jooz, those pesky Jooz, they're stealing all the Arab's flooz!
I would pack them in a box, and on the door I'd place some locks.
And take them home to Poland fine, they don't belong in Palestine.
There's lots of places Jooz can roast, in Poland's ovens primed for toast.
And then it all would  be so good, if we'd just itbach al yahood.
This mic is on? This mic is on! Did I say that? You just heard wrong!
I don't hate Jooz, just Zionists! That's the reason I'm so pissed!
I do, I  like green lox mit schmear, I hope I have made myself clear.

H/T Yid With Lid

But let's give Aisha and Nawal the last word.

Any questions?

...Well, yeah, I got one. Someone pointed out to me that Aisha makes a reference to Pat Condell's traditional sign-off. I would like to ask Pat Condell if he and Aisha have ever been seen together.

...Peace....for what it's worth.