Saturday, June 12, 2010

George Shearing - Just because

I love his music. And this isn't such bad time it?

Well, when you put it that way.

Thanks, Gerard.

Some more Shearing: Mack the knife, played in such a manner as to bring you to tears.

H/T Pamela


  1. Anonymous9:17 AM


    someday, i would love to go see a performance of a kurt weill production, and three penny opera would be just the ticket, so to speak.

    i am a bad guitarist, and by that i mean i play between poorly and barely tolerable (at times.)

    one of my favorite pieces is "speak low," by kurt weill and ogden nash, of all people.

    this piece by shearing, very lovely. it has about it the quality of eric satie, who was a master of "tone poems." i just made that up. when you are ignorant of a subject, you know no inhibitions. laughing.

    btw, i really like this blog.

    john jay

  2. Thanks, john, I have been reading your site, and rereading it, too. I found an actual transcription of Shearing's version of Mack the Knife, and I feel like I got a rare piece of chocolate in having the privilege of playing it. You probably play guitar as well as I do, then! I wish I could play better, but I only know one or two positions and since I play a classical guitar, my little hands barely cover the frets. I have thought about getting a 3/4 size guitar, so that I can actually play it.


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