Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Going Galt on the Public School System

I have decided to pull my youngest child from the middle school she had been attending and to home school her myself.  The reasons have been multiplying, mostly based upon incompetence and institutionalized insanity, but the last two straws were when she came home and told us that one of her teachers very loudly stated that anyone who believed that global warming was a fraud and a hoax was, and I quote: AN IDIOT.  All year long, she had to bite her precious lower lip to keep from scoffing at a certain  indoctrinatrix about the fact that "CO2 was NOT a poison, DUH!" (her 7th grade scientific response). And now, she was being called an idiot by the same blithering gaggle of gobbledygeeks who KNOW BEYOND A SHADOW OF A DOUBT more than you.

The final straw was even more serious than the imbecivility displayed by the 7th Grade Dunce Squad.

On the day that Israel was attacked and had to kill 9 terrorists aboard the Turkish Flotilla of Fools who opened fire on them and savagely beat them with pipes and knives as they dropped down to the decks, she said, watching the news unfold on television, quiet and simply: "Israel's bad."
"Bad?" say I, unbelieving.
"Yeah," she repeats. "They do mean things and steal other people's land."
"Who told you that?" I ask.
"All my teachers say so."  She didn't have a reason to question it the way she did with global warming, after all, she had 10 snow days to make up this year, and won't be getting out of school until the 14th. With Israel, on the other hand, she only knows what she hears...and maybe they AREN'T lying about Israel.

"Honey, Israel is the only democracy in the middle east. It is surrounded by hostile enemies whose religion tells them to KILL THE JEWS and CHRISTIANS.
"Are they Muslims?" She asks.
"Yes. And their holy book tells them to always fight and kill the Jews and the Infidels....which is us." I no longer add that all too familiar *clause which will prove how tolerant I am, because it just isn't true anymore, and I simply don't care. The evidence is to the contrary. (*Not all Muslims are terrorists) Maybe they aren't but the Koran is a terrorist manual, and you can't tell me that a lifetime of hearing KILL KILL KILL! DIE DIE DIE! over and over again from infancy won't leave a mark. Enough. Khalas! Islam is putrid evil. Quit amending your statements to be more sensitive. It is enough. Tell the truth brazenly. It is the only weapon of substance we have left.

Well, what followed was an intense hour of serious history, taught by yours, very truly, to my 13-year old daughter. I wouldn't let her leave without hearing it. Simply put, it was way too important. So she sat there and afterward, asked questions:

Why does everyone hate the Jews so much, if they aren't bad?
Did the Jews steal everyone's land?
Do they kill Palestinian babies?

On and on and on it went. When I finished, she said:
"I wish you were my history teacher."

So now, I am. And the first thing we are going to learn is WHY JUST ABOUT EVERYTHING YOU WERE TAUGHT IN SCHOOL IS A LIE.

But wait! There's more school induced anger and outrage:  New school fundraising tactic: Be prepared to vomit fire from the slowly smoldering rage gland you didn't even know you had.
This video is not safe for glass and other breakable objects. Have someone restrain you with duct tape when you watch it.

Not to leave anyone with the feeling that the situation is hopeless, I leave you with this - and God bless 'im for being so brave. We need to be like this. I need to be like this. You need to be like this. This is what you call "Speaking Truth to Cowards."

Hat Tips to Gerard and Daphne

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  1. Homeschooling is like much else with kids. It will be both the most rewarding and the most frustrating thing! But you can do it, and you will be glad you did.

    Homeschooling story: One of my children made their own decision to drop out of the public school and educate themselves, with a little help from me. At age 16 this child obviously knew more than most liberal arts college grads.

    So we went to the state for a GED certificate and got the big lecture about the inadequacies of homeschooling and the damage to the self-esteem of the child who fails the GED exam, not to mention the humiliation for us parents who dare to think we can do better than "education professionals" blah blah blah.

    We discounted the warnings by about the same factor as the percentage of incompetence at the local school. Child took the test as soon as the law would allow, which was immediately after their 17th birthday; and got the 3rd highest score ever in that state.

    The mindless zombies of the local teachers' union tried to have the GED set aside on the grounds that Child was "intellectually gifted but socially irresponsible and possessed of attitudes unlikely to lead to the greater good."

    It took legal threats to shut them up. Child is now in their late twenties, has a bachelor's degree in a real discipline and is a happily married parent and productive member of society. As are all my children, all of whom were homeschooled to some extent.

    Homeschooling produces clear thinking, independent, competent adults and happy families. It has become the norm for my extended clan, and I strongly recommend it!

  2. Things haven't changed too much, except that a lot of braver people than I have made it possible for me to home school without being jailed for it. I briefly home schooled for a year back in 1999. Just to catch up my then 5th grader who was suffering from a learning disability that didn't require drugs to help her through it...although the state of Virginia thought otherwise and was going to force me to put her on ADD medicine. As it turned out, her learning disorder was neurological and just required endless repetition and thinking outside the box. She was able to overcome many obstacles, even with this problem, and go into AP classes in high school, but when the state pegs you as a special needs kid, they are bound and determined to keep you there in that peg. Letting the kid actually thrive would be a loss of federal aid, don't ya know.
    She's worked through those, and managed to even figure out the insane forms for getting through college! Bless you and your child for sticking to your guns.


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