Monday, June 7, 2010

The Jooz - Through Evil Zionist Mind Control Have Shut Up Helen Thomas!

This is an update on the Helen 'Send the Jooz back to Poland'  Thomas Affair: Evil World Dominating Jew Zionist Mind Controllers have made her own agents provacateurs oust The Press Corpse!

Via American Digest: Door. Ass. Bang!

Obviously, Joo power is potent, if not powerfully potent. The mockery and ridicule they heap upon the brave humanitarians who only wanted to help the poor, starving, shackled Gazoids after the Israelis violently forced them to beat up IDF thugs is beyond the pale. I had to watch it several times, just to memorize the lyrics.

Needless to say, the Perpetually Outraged, Offended Pashas are upset at the mocking and the ridicule. From the article, brutally translated with machetes and cleats by Google, which is googlese for Garbled:

"Jerusalem - Firas Press: find a video clip comic making fun of Israeli activists convoy "fleet of freedom" which was attacked by a military force in international waters at the weekend, very popular on the Internet.

The total number of hits on video, 897 811 View just two days after his presentation, on "YouTube." And watched in the video clip depicting the members of the Israeli group, waving rods and knives, and sang spokesman activists convoy "we cheat the world" in a travesty of the world famous song song We Are The World.

And appeared in the background scenes of members of the Israeli forces are "attacking" by peace activists on board the convoy, as he claims the video.

The group will begin with the comic song: "it's time to be in need for a review before the world and the internet .. there are people dying to do best what we are doing is launching the biggest hoax ever."

And follow up: "We make the world abandon logic and turn everyone to believe that Hamas is a Mother Teresa., Crave the quiet travel with pistols and knives, and not really up to you and to your screens forever."

"If Islam and terrorism has led to lift your spirits but you are afraid to touch that painted the picture you just called yourself" peace activist and humanitarian aid. "

The Israeli military force stormed the convoy which was carrying a Navy humanitarian aid to the besieged Gaza for nearly four years of fierce condemnation of the Israeli government that justified such a step that the convoy was carrying "mercenaries", according to Israeli radio quoted the army spokesman.

And had already met Israel uproar caused by the liquidation of Hamas leader, Mahmoud hoarse, in Dubai, which has accused the security authorities in the Emirate of Mossad of being behind the crime, baleish propaganda to promote the store in March.

He justified the organizers of the Declaration, which was filmed on the type of video security for Dubai Police, has invested media momentum to the issue."
Bwahahahhaha! They even included the viral video at the end of the that they could be even MORE perpetually outraged and offended!

Foot-tapping, rage-inducing finger licking ridicule.

Israel Forced to Apologize for YouTube Spoof of Flotilla
(from the usual leftarded appeaseniks)

Yet another update: From Atlas Shrugs: Youtube has removed the video, claiming it is a copyright violation, whichi is legally not true, since it is a parody, and that is exempt from copyright law  This video has received more than 3 million hits. I have updated the link to a mirror site within Youtube, but who knows how long that will last.

You can also find the video at Bliptv.


  1. Was thinking toward the end that the lady swaying to and fro looked exactly like the great Caroline Glick, when the credit popped up. Who'd 'a' thunk it? Hell, I didn't even know she could sing. ;)

  2. Jewel9:03 PM

    She's the one responsible for the flotilla choir. She's the genius behind Latma TV. You should go to their Youtube site and watch all the little episodes. One of my favorites is the interview with an American soldier who was wounded by the Muslim psyopatrist who shot up the army station. It was funny watching the guy try to come up with politically correct words that would do everything but say actually what happened to him. Other episodes include an ABBA parody....which incidentally pissed of the Swedes, so you know it was pretty funny.


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