Saturday, June 5, 2010

The Press Corpse Speaks Her Mind

Time for a pome, keeds.  Ripped straight outta the guide book on writing pomes, by Dr. Seuss:

Green Lox mit Schmear:

Those Evil Jooz, Those Evil Jooz, oh How I hate those Evil Jooz.
Those Wretched Jooz should just go home, they should go back to France or Rome.
We do not want them here or there, we do not want them anywhere.
They don't belong in Palestine. Without those Jooz, all would be fine.
There shouldn't be an Israel, without those Jooz, all would be swell.
I hate those Jooz, those pesky Jooz, they're stealing all the Arab's flooz!
I would pack them in a box, and on the door I'd place some locks.
And take them home to Poland fine, they don't belong in Palestine.
There's lots of places Jooz can roast, in Poland's ovens primed for toast.
And then it all would  be so good, if we'd just itbach al yahood.
This mic is on? This mic is on! Did I say that? You just heard wrong!
I don't hate Jooz, just Zionists! That's the reason I'm so pissed!
I do, I  like green lox mit schmear, I hope I have made myself clear.

H/T Yid With Lid

But let's give Aisha and Nawal the last word.

Any questions?

...Well, yeah, I got one. Someone pointed out to me that Aisha makes a reference to Pat Condell's traditional sign-off. I would like to ask Pat Condell if he and Aisha have ever been seen together.

...Peace....for what it's worth.

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  1. Helen Thomas, a face that could gag a maggot. Although with her, the ugly goes much deeper.


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