Monday, July 26, 2010

Leaving Eurotopia

We live in momentous times. In the United States, there's talk here and there of secession, and the exercising of states'  rights, upcoming court challenges and a sense that everything is coming apart at the seams. Separatism is not that  far fetched anymore. The powerful no longer need laws to enact their lawlessness, and as long as there is a willing and compliant citizenry, the amount of bloodshed needed for enforcement will be minimal.

However,  rending of national garments is not limited to the United States. Europe is balkanizing, too. Of course, Europe invented the balkanization machine. Minuscule hairline fractures started years ago, and the borders of European countries have never been cast in cement. Except on paper.

If amnesia hasn't fogged your mind too terribly, you might remember the collapse of the Socialist Worker's Paradise. The One no one paid attention to, because it was behind an iron curtain.

First the breaking off came from without the Mother lode of Communist Tumors. Poland, Hungary, Czechoslovakia and Romania. Then from within  Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia. Ukraine and Moldova. I will focus specifically on Estonia later, but let's continue.

The Socialist Worker's Paradise that has now mutated and metastasized on the other side of the iron curtain is choking the civic life out of once free nations. So there is precedent for all this breaking apart, precious precedent. Even before Kosovo. Long before Kosovo.

Consider, for the moment, Switzerland, the last bastion of armed freemen Europe. A manly country surrounded by the baleful Confederacy of Eurotopian Zombie Bureaucracies.

Small fissures in former nations which have made themselves irrelevant are appearing. France? Where's that? Germany? Meh. Sweden? Ah, yes, Sweden is a nation of women-men who have learned to urinate sitting down.  Fuggedaboudit.

Denmark is putting up a good fight. And Finland hasn't swallowed the Anti-Semitic Kool-Aid that the rest of Europe is swilling and asking for refills.

But Switzerland, on the other hand.....Look at this map and the story behind it. (H/T Gates of Vienna)

Greater Switzerland Just Might Take Off

The Swiss far-right wants to expand the country by annexing German, French, Austrian and Italian border regions, reports Gazeta Wyborcza. The Swiss People’s Party (SVP) floated the idea in June but only now has submitted a draft proposal calling for necessary changes to the constitution to make the enlargement possible. The regions in question are the German state of Baden Württemberg, French departments Alsace, Savoy, Jura and Ain, Italian provinces Aosta, Como, Varese and Bozen and the Austrian province of Vorarlberg.

If the SVP plan were implemented, Switzerland’s population would increase by 17 million (it currently stands at 7 million) with Stuttgart becoming its largest city. “We should facilitate integration of these regions which are suffering under the rule of the European political class that has no interest in them whatsoever. Their citizens have been looking jealously at our self-governing state and long for a democracy with human face”, explain SVP politicians.

The Swiss authorities have not commented on the proposal which nevertheless caused much glee in the German embassy in Bern. Its employees are said to have been wondering when the Swiss will “start demanding access to the sea”. Their good humours disappeared at seeing the results of a poll conducted by the Swiss weekly Weltwoche. It showed that 63% of nearly 1,800 German, Italian and Austrian polled living in the border regions said they were in favour of joining Switzerland. Hardly surprising considering the fact that salaries in Switzerland are much higher than in, for example, Germany and that Germans already constitute a majority of lecturers at many Swiss universities.

                            Johannes Gees: Agent-Provacateur

What do you suppose is the reason for French, German, Italian and Austrian patriots wanting to leave their countries to join Switzerland? In a sentence: Years and years of multiculturalism forced down the throats of dancing, wine drinking pork eating men and women who were taught from  childhood to never question the New Truth: Multiculturalism is the superiority of backwards, misogynistic, illiterate, violent and death enamored culture of immigrants over your own modern, scientific, art and musically rich and life loving societies.  And that they are guilty of all manor of crimes against humanity.

They are seeing their culture disappear, and they become thought criminals if they speak up for it. It is the same war being waged by the progressives in America upon the Tea Partiers and anyone who protests the Régime.

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