Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Pennsylvania Tourism Board's Adversitizement

Hideously Catching Viral Video from my adopted home state. Pass it on like a bad cold....and don't blame me either, Mark. 

Somewhere in our state is a culture that can be defined as something other than beer drinking hick-sensabilly, but I don't live in that quadrant of the keystone state. Technically, we're a Blue State, but here's the reality:
You don't need me to circle Pennsylvania, do you? Good.

Of course, that was back in 2004. You see what a stable looking place we once lived in. Most of the Urban Insane Asylums were far removed from me.  Ah, good times...I guess. Then something happened in 2008. An irrational exuberance, perhaps, and behold the electoral map of the Kul't  Lichnosti, Sovietese for The Cult of Personality.  Not a pretty sight.

There is hope that we can recombobulate ourselves and get things fixed, but with the government growing itself as big as it has in just the last18 months or so, longer, if you include the last few dying days of Prez George II, it might be a good investment to stock up on a lot of beer. And something other than Yuengling.

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