Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Rhymes with Tolerance: A Synagogue in Riyadh

I wish the supporters of the Ground Zero Victory over the Great Satan Mosque would understand what it is that drives the opponents...other than the usual hate and intolerance yada yada.

It really isn't that hard to understand.  We know what goes on in mosques. We understand not because the press in this country has actually done its job and investigated what is said in the pulpits of the mosques. They haven't looked into the history of Islam honestly nor read the major texts of Islam to find out what they teach the faithful. We have had to do that, ourselves.

We have had to learn by searching, online for honest teachers who aren't afraid of being called names by the press. And what a mother lode of knowledge there is to be found for even the least curious among the incurious, gullible press. We have all had to make reassessments about the things we have taken for granted all of our lives. It isn't easy to admit that people aren't basically good at heart....but knowing Islam and how it malforms its followers, we can say that with comfortable certainty.

Of course, a few (you can count them on one hand) brave souls will actually do their job as journalists and report the facts about the actual state of the mosques, but you won't find them in this country. Sadly.

The press is incurious and contented. Their response is always to call the opposition 'Intolerant', 'Racist' and 'Islamophobic' .....why would anyone be THAT, I wonder?

So let's call them on their tolerance and make them 'prove' it. They won't be able to, but it's worth the effort just to prove that the press are all liars, and the Muslims driving this bomb packed bus to Ground Zero:

Go ahead, build your damn mosque, and then:

Let's build a synagogue in Riyadh,
A monastery in Mecca,
A convent near the Kaaba,
Maybe a three-decker.

A sweat lodge in the Kasbah,
And a Buddha in Beirut,
A church in Medina,
With an ashram there to boot.

Some Shinto shrines in Turkey,
A Chabad in the U.A.E.,
Let Wiccans into Iran,
And Baha'i in Abu Dhabi.

Let Amish ride their buggies
Through the streets of Kuwait,
While Qatar invites the Mormons
With the blessings of the state.

Sudan will shelter Druids,
Egypt all things Voodoo,
As Iraqis take in Zoroastrians
And Jehovah's Witnesses, too.

All these folks and many more
Live in the U.S.A.
They worship as they want to,
That's always been our way.

This is tolerance, my friends,
It's not a one-way street.
If it goes in one direction,
It leads only to defeat.

Mosques are built on sacred ground
Where atrocities have been,
To say one thing and make it clear,
To say, "You lose, we win."}
Posted at Solomonia by guest writer Ann Green

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Peace in Our Time!

Hours away.

Bill Whittle explains it all, here.

But you're probably bored with this topic. I bet you're wondering what is going on with the Real Housewives of D.C. or what's on the Lifetime channel. Or the Cooking Channel.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Salt in the Wound

From Weasel Zippers.  Make. It. Viral.

Now THIS....This is Halal, and just in time for the Ramadan festivities!

From Yet Another Really Great Blog:

What's on YOUR plate for Ramadan? Mmmm. Infidelicious!

I work as a baker in the wee, small hours of the morning, and I can tell you - readers and customers alike, that I have never, ever made anything so, so...well...exquisite and disgusting at the same time. We are assured that the final product is delicious.  We must take their word for it.
Thanks to the blog, "Flares Into Darkness" for stopping by for a visit. I thought I would like to go and see what Yet Another Really Great Blog looks like....and it's a fine blog, at that!

By the way, our little bit of Lancaster County Food Production makes head cheese...and sweet bologna, too.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Be angry. Be very, very angry

Now with 50% MORE hemorrhagic rage inducement!
Our leaders just don't understand. They just don't get it. What a nuisance we are. It used to be that would just shut up and let them say whatever, and then we'd fork over part of our paycheck, or rather, they would let us keep a chunk of it...how kind of them, after all, and in gratitude, we'd reelect them.

It isn't such a lovefest, anymore. Some things ought to be transparently obvious, but the dolts who misrule us are too thick to get it.

Nancy Pelosi wants to investigate the finances of the people who are opposed to the Conquest of New York City Mosque, whose ribbon cutting ceremony is slated for September 11th. I really, really hope Nancy shows up for the cameras. We wouldn't want to forget...the way she apparently has.

Oh, I know. Nancy could just sic the Justice Department on Ken Fairben, whose son Keith, a paramedic was killed on 9/11. Maybe Eric Holder could investigate Robert Reed, who witnessed hundreds of bodies fall into the WTC plaza on 9/11. Oh, I know who should be investigated: Lee and Eunice Hanson, violent opponents of the Ground Zero Victory Mosque should definitely be investigated for their Islamophobia, that's who. They lost half their entire family on that day. Pay especially close attention to their heart-breaking story as they recount their son's last seconds of life on the plane they watched slam into the south tower. Yes. Investigate them. Hearings! We must have hearings! And jail time...for Nancy Pelosi and her Kleptocratic Lawless Quislings.

And one final note, sure to get your blood boiling:
The Victory over the Great Satan Mosque, if it is allowed to go forth, will be completed by next year.  Before the WTC is built. Try to understand the significance of that.  Do you see any buildings going up from the ruins of 9/11? What a difference a generation makes. The Trade Centers were built in less time than the building going up to replace them.

From Solomonia:

And from Keep America Safe

An Open Letter to the New Editor-In-Chief at Right Network

Dear Mr. Vanderleun, Congrabumations on your new job. At first, when I'd heard that this was your new gig, I was happy for you. I still am, but I hope like hell that American Digest won't be just a hobby blog, like mine. That would make Mrs. Effingby cry. So far, Right Network looks kinda 'safe' to watch. I hope that it isn't. I have a few meddlesome suggestions, being that I'm a prefessionle armchair critic.

1. Right Network must be willing and able to dispatch, once and for all,  hand-wringing sensitivity and political correctness with glorious brutality if necessary. Think "blunt truth trauma," especially  when it comes to Islam and race relations. I've had enough of looking at pretty, shiny people with their pretty, shiny  moral superiority, tiptoeing around all the pretty elephants they beam into my living room.

2. Right Network must confront the horrible truths about Islam  and its past, its treatment of women, apostates, honor-killings and shariah and the claims made by the current crop of shills and dopes. I never want to see Karen Armstrong or John Esposito heralded as knowledgeable sources for soothing our fevered brows when it comes to the Blasted Religion of Freakin' Peace. Please, please, PLEASE put Ibn Warraq, Ali Sina and Wafa Sultan on your speed dial.

3. Take on the greedy university industrial complex as the Evil Mind-Control Cult it is. The internet is superior because we can say what we believe and search for the truth practically unfettered. At least for now, and at least in this country. Your advertisers might not be so eager for you all to do that.

4. My own experience with editors is that the whole lot of  'em tend to be for the most part sniveling, craven, spineless, weak-kneed, yella-bellied, limp wristed, dickless quaking plates of jello  ( Memo to the doofusses running the Lancaster On-Line Talk Back Forum...have you never heard of Comment Moderation? It's a nifty little device which will allow you to read the comments before posting them to your forumses. If a blogging half-wit like me can do it, you'd have thought the administrative wizards on your forumses could have done it too. Blockheads.)
Go ahead and read these opinion pages and behold the dullards of editordom. The only opinions that ever make it in from John Q. Public are the ones that are the most likely to bore readers to death. Please don't become like them. Not that you are now.

5. I'll be honest with you, Mr. Vanderleun. After seeing what gets Kelsey Grammer's panties in a bunch, if this is the kind of crap that vexes him, I don't have much hope. For him or Right Network. He'd better get pissed off at the things which piss off the rest of us:

Really. Celebrity magicians? Does anyone really get irate about it? I never thought about celebrity magicians until he planted that weed in my brain. What planet is he from where celebrity magicians are out of control to the extent of making Kelsey Grammer upset?

Government programs governing other government programs? No, Mr. Celebrity...IT'S GUB.MINT. PERIOD.

Sham-Wow,  huh... Let me get this straight...he hates CAPITALISM? What's wrong with him? I so hope that Sham-Wow advertises on Right Network. I want to see the Right Network Nightly News...sponsored by Sham-Wow. Yes, and I would buy many Shams-wow in support of Right Network.

6. Right wingers don't do comedy well at all. If I want funny, I have to read it on the intertubes. That's where right wing funny is devastatingly funny. Again, because they aren't edited by a bunch of girlie men and they say what they think...DAYAMN well.  You would be a prime example of right wing humor done right. So would Scott Ott, IMAO, Moonbattery, People's Cube, I Own the World and Iowahawk. I'm sure there are more, but probably not. Right wing humor is a rare and priceless object. I am hoarding it.

7. Look at the hilarious videos done by amateurs online where Islam and the Idiotic Left are skewered with the most delicious and derisive humor. Would Right Network have the guts to do anything so outrageous?
Or would your Comcastic Overlords disapprove? Tosh.O is funny. AND politically insensitive, racist, homophobic and horribly offensive. It is good to hate and laugh.

Well, then. Berated congratulations, and Do it Right.....for the children. Thank you for allowing me to vent my spleen.

Sincerely  yours. Mrs. Effingby

Monday, August 16, 2010

Repeating History and Creating New History to Repeat

 China Confidential has some excellent videos of history....we all know how it turned out, in spite of  our best efforts to keep it from happening.

And Sultan Knish has a very viral warning about making the history of our own demise possible. We have yet to know how this will turn out. We can only see how it has turned out elsewhere.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

When Toddlers Go Galt

Eric Hague always makes me laugh. He's chock fulla quotey goodness, too.

You see, that Elmo ball was Johanna's reward for consistently using the potty this past week. She wasn't given the ball simply because she'd demonstrated an exceptional need for it—she earned it. And from the way Aiden's pants sagged as he tried in vain to run away from our daughter, it was clear that he wasn't anywhere close to deserving that kind of remuneration. By so much as allowing Johanna to share her toy with him, we'd be undermining her appreciation of one of life's most important lessons: You should never feel guilty about your abilities. Including your ability to repeatedly peg a fellow toddler with your Elmo ball as he sobs for mercy.
Look, imagine what would happen if we were to enact some sort of potty training Equalization of Opportunity Act in which we regularized the distribution all of Johanna's and Aiden's potty chart stickers. Suddenly it would seem as if Aiden had earned the right to wear big-boy underpants, and within minutes you'd have a Taggart Tunnel-esque catastrophe on your hands, if you follow me.
 Yes, she's blossomed into everything we ever hoped or post hoc rationalized she would. In our house we no longer say, "Who is John Galt?" Instead we say, "Who's our little princess?"
 from Flickr by Sabine75

Hah! I wish I'd thought of that when the Evil Twin was Terribly Horribly Two.

H/T: Dan Riehl and Pundit and Pundette

Saturday, August 14, 2010

A question for all the Eurotopians...

I have a question for all those lovely people in Europe who wish to allow, no, demand that Turkey be admitted into the European Economic Disaster:

Do  you really want a nation nestled in your borders who has no problem  gassing the people living within ITS borders?  Take some time to think about it.

Especially you, Germany.

H/T: Carl in Jerusalem

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Happy 18th Birthday Saint Rebecca! (Rifqa Bary)

Saint Rebecca is the patron saint of those who are sick and those who have lost parents.

Could there be a more justly named Saint for Rifqa Bary? Agree or disagree with Pamela, this girl could have no better friend defending her. Click through the links at Atlas Shrugs and read her story. It is simply amazing.

More on her case at The Jawa Report.

If you doubt Miss Bary's fears concerning her life as a Christian convert from Islam, you clearly haven't been paying attention: Unutterable

May you have many, many more happy birthdays, Rifqa! God Bless you!

2 Fine Young Ladies Are Doing Just Fine

Stolen from American Digest and going viral.

So it's a fake. I still want a cigarette.

Or maybe it isn't! I STILL wanna smoke.

Still, this one is real:

Schadenfreude tastes so very much like:

Cool, refreshing lemonade on a hot, summer's day.

Would you like a fresh sprig of mint with that cool, refreshing schadenfreude, Miss Julie?

Its Official: U.S. Currency is Utterly Worthless

Our money is now worth less than the participation trophies given to children who simply show up to get a pointless trophy. Even little kids know that trophies are meaningless when given out to everyone.

Other countries have gotten away from their 1 unit paper currencies, and not only do we keep printing this worthless piece of paper, our government wastes even more money by minting 1 Dollar coins. Could there be any symbol so apt as to describe just how worthless our money has become than minting a dollar coin with James Buchanan on it?  Why'd he have to be from Lancaster, PA? Sheesh.

A perennial favorite   "Worst. President. Ever.....after Jimmy Carter and Lord Bam and Lady Boozle."

It seems fitting that it can't buy squat.

It will be as memorable and collectible as his inaugural address.

Monday, August 9, 2010

The Taliban Scream "Death to (fill in the blank)!" Does it Even Matter?

Cultures that are built upon the teachings and examples of the prophet Mohammed and his deity Allah are backwards, impoverished, lazy, dangerous, unhealthy, mired in ignorance, violent, paranoid, collectively fatalistic, envious, jealous, overly inbred, hateful of beauty, hateful of women, hateful of children, hateful of creation and at long last, self-destructive. It is time to quit subsidizing this part of the world, and let them collapse under their own illth. So say I and so should say you all.

Not that my rant will stop all of this "Islam is a religion of Peace™" bullshit that keeps spewing from the mouths of all the fools in academia and the press which clogs our eyes and ears. If you want to know why building mosques anywhere in the United States is a bad thing, the following story should have finally, FINALLY made you see and understand that mosques are not churches or synagogues or Odd Fellows' halls.

It isn't just the mosque being planned and foisted upon Ground Zero that is being opposed by larger and larger swathes of the ever-increasingly fremescent and angry American populace, but mosques everywhere being planned and built by these hircinous and murderous bastards that are making us stand up and scream, "Enough!" to the cowardly and greedy planning commissions who have no problem accepting Saudi lucre.

The New Mount Scopus Massacre: 

Jihadists Butcher Medical Workers in Afghanistan

New Jihad Joe Action Figure: shoots doctors, cuts nurses’ throats, and blows up hospitals

by Bill Levinson

Afghan Medical Mission Ends In Death For 10 reports,
    Ten members of the Christian medical team – six Americans, two Afghans, one German and a Briton – were gunned down in a gruesome slaughter that the Taliban said they carried out, alleging the volunteers were spying and trying to convert Muslims to Christianity. The gunmen spared an Afghan driver, who recited verses from the Islamic holy book Quran as he begged for his life.
This reminds us of the Mount Scopus Massacre in which Arabs attacked a convoy of unarmed medical workers. It is telling that it takes more than 20 years of education (including internships and residencies) to create a medical doctor, and 16 years of education to make a nurse, and a couple of seconds for a primitive savage with a Koran in one hand and a gun in the other to destroy this asset to the human race.
It is telling that Tom Little, the optometrist who volunteered years of his life to helping Afghan children, was a Christian while the savages who murdered him did so under color of Islam. Jews turn deserts into gardens and build mechanized prosthesis to help paraplegics get out of wheelchairs. Christians build skyscrapers, airplanes, schools, and hospitals. Militant “Muslims” turn gardens into deserts, cut limbs off healthy people to put them into wheelchairs, crash airplanes into skyscrapers, and plant bombs in schools and hospitals. The Taliban’s murder of ten unarmed medical workers who, in exchange for little if any pay, were in Afghanistan to help genuine Muslims underscores its status as a collection of nithings or hostis humani generis: subhuman enemies of Civilization and the human race as a whole, and worthy of nothing but extermination as such by the most expedient method.

And here, in Lancaster.....it's getting personal.

Visit the Rogues Gallery that we are helpless to defeat.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Kanso Power!

The pregnant Irksome Middle Child has begun to exhibit strange signs of maturation, which, you'd think, would be a cause for alarmed celebration. You'd think. She's begun the nesting phase of her pregnancy, and is redding up the place. And she doesn't even live here. I shouldn't complain, so I won't. I will merely observe.

                                                           (William Buckley's desk)

First, she rearranges all the books....according to height. Why didn't I think of that? I was stupid to categorize the books according to topic and/or space left on the shelf. I should have known better.

                                                               (Nat Hentoff's desk)

It isn't enough for me to put things away, and to do my dishes and fix the dinners and do the laundry, be the chauffeur, buy the stuff, you know...when I get around to it...Oh noes. She has to inject all kinds of motherly....MOTHERLY scolding  into it all.

                                                             (Albert Einstein's desk)

And after her cleaning spree, she paused long enough to write a mostly-motivational essay on the white board:
Message to EVERYONE! (mother)
Let us keep this house CLEAN! (mother) and even more...ORGANIZED! (mother)
Together, (mom) we CAN accomplish a lovely home! (mom)
Just remember, (mom) cleaning up after yourself (mom) makes a tremendous difference.
And (MOM!!!!) throwing things away that you don't need will also contribute.
A clean house means a happier environment!
And a happy environment, means a HAPPY EVERYONE! YAY!!!! ......(mom)
Much love,

As you can see, I made some minor corrections. (I added all the missing moms and mothers, damn them, anyway!)

What the girl wants is KANSO POWER!


Kanso: (簡素) Simplicity or elimination of clutter. Things are expressed in a plain, simple, natural manner. Reminds us to think not in terms of decoration but in terms of clarity, a kind of clarity that may be achieved through omission or exclusion of the non-essential.
So I boiled her motivation down to what really matters.

My Dearest Mary.  I was just surfing the intertubes, and I came across this lovely sentiment….which is what I think you mean not only to say, but to live. And to have us live by. So I printed it out and pasted it here for you.      


The second principle, Kanso, relates to basic simplicity and the elimination of the ornate. Things expressing simplicity are by their nature truthful and reserved. Kanso involves a sense of cleanliness, things which are fresh and neat, frank but never over-embellished. Things of Kanso nature are never florid in style.

                                                      (Really, need I say more?)

H/T to the following folks: Good God Truth and Beauty,  Minimal, and Bonsai Beauty.

And Mary, did I forget to say "Thank you?"  Thank you!

Thanks also to Midnight Rider at Infidel Bloggers Alliance