Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Be angry. Be very, very angry

Now with 50% MORE hemorrhagic rage inducement!
Our leaders just don't understand. They just don't get it. What a nuisance we are. It used to be that would just shut up and let them say whatever, and then we'd fork over part of our paycheck, or rather, they would let us keep a chunk of kind of them, after all, and in gratitude, we'd reelect them.

It isn't such a lovefest, anymore. Some things ought to be transparently obvious, but the dolts who misrule us are too thick to get it.

Nancy Pelosi wants to investigate the finances of the people who are opposed to the Conquest of New York City Mosque, whose ribbon cutting ceremony is slated for September 11th. I really, really hope Nancy shows up for the cameras. We wouldn't want to forget...the way she apparently has.

Oh, I know. Nancy could just sic the Justice Department on Ken Fairben, whose son Keith, a paramedic was killed on 9/11. Maybe Eric Holder could investigate Robert Reed, who witnessed hundreds of bodies fall into the WTC plaza on 9/11. Oh, I know who should be investigated: Lee and Eunice Hanson, violent opponents of the Ground Zero Victory Mosque should definitely be investigated for their Islamophobia, that's who. They lost half their entire family on that day. Pay especially close attention to their heart-breaking story as they recount their son's last seconds of life on the plane they watched slam into the south tower. Yes. Investigate them. Hearings! We must have hearings! And jail time...for Nancy Pelosi and her Kleptocratic Lawless Quislings.

And one final note, sure to get your blood boiling:
The Victory over the Great Satan Mosque, if it is allowed to go forth, will be completed by next year.  Before the WTC is built. Try to understand the significance of that.  Do you see any buildings going up from the ruins of 9/11? What a difference a generation makes. The Trade Centers were built in less time than the building going up to replace them.

From Solomonia:

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  1. I vividly remember seeing those WTC 2 and WTC 1 towers fall, they disappeared in the horizon, my oldest son used to work across the river on the NJ side, in the vicinity of the Holland tunnel ventilation towers, he held his Nextel phone up pointing its DirectConnect (walkie-talkie) microphone towards Manhattan when WTC 2 was in the process of collapsing, I heard it as if I had been where my son was standing, I saw the innocents that jumped on live TV (DirecTV,) I will NEVER forget nor forgive the bastards who attacked us on 9/11.

  2. They are going to build the abomination of desolation......until I heard about this mosque I never really knew what that meant when I read it in the Bible.


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