Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Its Official: U.S. Currency is Utterly Worthless

Our money is now worth less than the participation trophies given to children who simply show up to get a pointless trophy. Even little kids know that trophies are meaningless when given out to everyone.

Other countries have gotten away from their 1 unit paper currencies, and not only do we keep printing this worthless piece of paper, our government wastes even more money by minting 1 Dollar coins. Could there be any symbol so apt as to describe just how worthless our money has become than minting a dollar coin with James Buchanan on it?  Why'd he have to be from Lancaster, PA? Sheesh.

A perennial favorite   "Worst. President. Ever.....after Jimmy Carter and Lord Bam and Lady Boozle."

It seems fitting that it can't buy squat.

It will be as memorable and collectible as his inaugural address.

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