Thursday, August 19, 2010

Now THIS....This is Halal, and just in time for the Ramadan festivities!

From Yet Another Really Great Blog:

What's on YOUR plate for Ramadan? Mmmm. Infidelicious!

I work as a baker in the wee, small hours of the morning, and I can tell you - readers and customers alike, that I have never, ever made anything so, so...well...exquisite and disgusting at the same time. We are assured that the final product is delicious.  We must take their word for it.
Thanks to the blog, "Flares Into Darkness" for stopping by for a visit. I thought I would like to go and see what Yet Another Really Great Blog looks like....and it's a fine blog, at that!

By the way, our little bit of Lancaster County Food Production makes head cheese...and sweet bologna, too.


  1. Oh my, thanks for the link. I must say, I wish I would have thought of your title for my post. :-)

  2. I love your nic! I became ambisinistral when I was a motor carrier. I could drive with my right hand and toss newspapers with dead on aim with my left. I can only dial my cell phone with my left hand, because my right hand gets all confused, and I'm right handed. i can't snap with my right fingers, but only with my left. I guess I'm semisinistral. Or maybe demidextrous!


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