Monday, August 9, 2010

The Taliban Scream "Death to (fill in the blank)!" Does it Even Matter?

Cultures that are built upon the teachings and examples of the prophet Mohammed and his deity Allah are backwards, impoverished, lazy, dangerous, unhealthy, mired in ignorance, violent, paranoid, collectively fatalistic, envious, jealous, overly inbred, hateful of beauty, hateful of women, hateful of children, hateful of creation and at long last, self-destructive. It is time to quit subsidizing this part of the world, and let them collapse under their own illth. So say I and so should say you all.

Not that my rant will stop all of this "Islam is a religion of Peace™" bullshit that keeps spewing from the mouths of all the fools in academia and the press which clogs our eyes and ears. If you want to know why building mosques anywhere in the United States is a bad thing, the following story should have finally, FINALLY made you see and understand that mosques are not churches or synagogues or Odd Fellows' halls.

It isn't just the mosque being planned and foisted upon Ground Zero that is being opposed by larger and larger swathes of the ever-increasingly fremescent and angry American populace, but mosques everywhere being planned and built by these hircinous and murderous bastards that are making us stand up and scream, "Enough!" to the cowardly and greedy planning commissions who have no problem accepting Saudi lucre.

The New Mount Scopus Massacre: 

Jihadists Butcher Medical Workers in Afghanistan

New Jihad Joe Action Figure: shoots doctors, cuts nurses’ throats, and blows up hospitals

by Bill Levinson

Afghan Medical Mission Ends In Death For 10 reports,
    Ten members of the Christian medical team – six Americans, two Afghans, one German and a Briton – were gunned down in a gruesome slaughter that the Taliban said they carried out, alleging the volunteers were spying and trying to convert Muslims to Christianity. The gunmen spared an Afghan driver, who recited verses from the Islamic holy book Quran as he begged for his life.
This reminds us of the Mount Scopus Massacre in which Arabs attacked a convoy of unarmed medical workers. It is telling that it takes more than 20 years of education (including internships and residencies) to create a medical doctor, and 16 years of education to make a nurse, and a couple of seconds for a primitive savage with a Koran in one hand and a gun in the other to destroy this asset to the human race.
It is telling that Tom Little, the optometrist who volunteered years of his life to helping Afghan children, was a Christian while the savages who murdered him did so under color of Islam. Jews turn deserts into gardens and build mechanized prosthesis to help paraplegics get out of wheelchairs. Christians build skyscrapers, airplanes, schools, and hospitals. Militant “Muslims” turn gardens into deserts, cut limbs off healthy people to put them into wheelchairs, crash airplanes into skyscrapers, and plant bombs in schools and hospitals. The Taliban’s murder of ten unarmed medical workers who, in exchange for little if any pay, were in Afghanistan to help genuine Muslims underscores its status as a collection of nithings or hostis humani generis: subhuman enemies of Civilization and the human race as a whole, and worthy of nothing but extermination as such by the most expedient method.

And here, in's getting personal.

Visit the Rogues Gallery that we are helpless to defeat.

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