Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Do Schools Kill Creativity?

Short answer yes. Long answer contained in the video below.

The death of modern education will be the rebirth of creativity in every endeavor.

We live in momentous times.  Blogging is the way of documenting it all.


  1. You know, Jewel, I feel sorry for these people in crappy school systems, I really do, but they need to open their eyes and ears and realize that they are capable of teaching their kid anything that someone with a teaching degree can.
    It isn't rocket science to teach a kid to read. Any kid. Even a dumb kid. Just because a kid isn't blessed with a high IQ doesn't mean he can't make something of himself.
    These people act(and they are teaching their kids to believe) that their academic lives are over, that they are doomed, just because they couldn't get into a certain school.
    Once you learn how to read and how to learn, you can learn anything you have an interest in. The world is your oyster.
    Take the TV and the computer out of yur kid's bedroom. Saw the plug off your own TV.
    You'll be amazed at all the things you can learn when there isn't a passive programming machine there for you to sit in front of.
    A little selective boredom does wonders for a kid's curiosity in the wide world around them.
    These people need to wake up and be real parents to their children.

  2. You know things are coming to a head, Teresa, when the LIBERALS start to notice things aren't going well in Edutopia. You are so right. I'm certain that the public school is going to come crashing and burning and then there will be hell to pay. Think about how the foundations have crumbled all around us. Foreclosures on properties that funded public education are astronomical, and sources of funding are gone. Schools in my hometown of Kansas City are shutting down, more than a hundred of them - all in black districts of the city. This after years of confiscating the taxes from other cities in Missouri to finance the failures of KC's schools. Nope. Burn it down, close down the NEA and start over in small chartered schools run by parents.

  3. John Taylor Gatto has been on for years about the destruction of creativity in schools. He claims that among five-year-olds, "genius is as common as dirt," and by the age of ten, it's been ground out of 'em by the (Prussian-modeled, if anyone needs reminding) public schools.

    "Just because a kid isn't blessed with a high IQ doesn't mean he can't make something of himself."

    This. It's been my observation that most people are smarter and more capable than they think they are, and that even people who "aren't too bright" can at least occasionally think pretty well.


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