Saturday, September 25, 2010

Why This Commercial Works in the Middle East

Advertisers know their customers and their cultures, which is why you can have an ad like this in Denmark and not in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania:

With this in mind, you can understand why the following montage of Arabic language commercials for Panda Cheese works in Arab cultures to Arab audiences. Bottom line: If you are destructive of other people's property when you don't get your way, you will ultimately get your way, anyway.


  1. In that first commercial, that store is right across the border; it does a great business. Here in the States, I put in three (3) pools in hopes of attracting attention, alas, no joy.

    As to the Panda, sharpened bamboo slivers under the eyelids.

  2. Do we know what they were selling in that first commercial, VW? I'm guessing shoes. Sad about the pools. They don't have alligators in them, do they?

  3. That store is like a European Neiman Marcus Wal-Mart. My buddy Tom commutes to the Netherlands; he's been in it.

    No, no gators and none of those luscious skydivers either.


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