Sunday, October 3, 2010

Contrast and Compare

Be not afraid! Be not very afraid! From I Own the World via Smart Girl Politics @ Facebook


  1. Oh Yeah! They marched, did they ever march! CPUSA, Code Pink, Socialists for Democracy (cracks me up) and the usual gang of idiots.

    According the AP: Thousands gather in DC in support of Dems agenda

    "WASHINGTON – Tapping into anger as the tea party movement has done, a coalition of progressive and civil rights groups marched by the thousands Saturday on the Lincoln Memorial and pledged to support Democrats struggling to keep power on Capitol Hill."

    Such Enthusiasm.

  2. It's almost the whole state of Vermont, sir! Why the press just couldn't come out and say Socialists and Communists is beyond me. I mean, it wasn't like THEY were trying to hide that fact, so why does the press need to color their remarks? The gang of idiots thinks we must all be idiots.

  3. Mustn't get Wally and Molly from The Glades and Glens Condos in VT upset. Otherwise, they might have to hold their noses when voting for the Proggy Potomac Prince again.

  4. Anonymous8:44 AM

    Looks like there was a party and most of the guests did not show up.

  5. Nothing more dangerous than a sclerotic socialist guarding the home owners association...another anti-American abomination to come along since Metastasizing Progressivism started progressively metastasizing into all the other areas of our lives.
    How is it that Vermont went Commie and New Hampshire didn't?

  6. Vermont, in the mid '60's had a pop. of 225,000± 100,000, very Liberal (in the original meaning of the word) people; they were overrun by pseudo-libs chanting "Do your own thing" if doing your own thing meant doing what they decided you should do.

    New Hampshire had/has twice the pop of Vermont. However they are getting the MA enema-escapees from the taxes to the south moving up then voting for the very things that cause the high taxes.

    New Hampshire now has a "View Tax" for all those people who lived on their property for years. Now they are taxed on the value of the "view" they have, the better the higher the tax.

  7. Geez, VW, will people never learn? What is wrong with them?

  8. You have to run for office, win, and get people to side with you on these policies. When the Proggy fools want something, the answer has to be NO, you drive your garbage to the dump, NO, you'll have all the kids meet at one spot for the school bus, NO, we're not hiring 10 teacher's aides, mothers can rotate in the classrooms and halls if you think it is so important.
    NO, all kids living within one mile of school can WALK that distance. (Subtext: your kids are too fat anyway)

    Keep doing that and the Proggy turkeys move away. You just cannot give in to the whining, threats and foot stamping. If they can't get on the school board and town council, they can't pass the laws.

    You have to be ready to be HATED, CALLED NAMES AND VILIFIED IN PUBLIC.

  9. Yes. Yes. Yes Yes to the No No No No.
    Plus, I think we are quickly at the point of doing more than saying no to Progs. But no is the beginning of the end for them. I'd like to see school closings, as well. So many failed schools wasting money. Personally, it is time parents regained control of their progeny and started simplifying. When I hear the crap coming out of the mouths of teachers (most are a scant few years older than my kid in school, anyway) I want to feed them a knuckle sandwich.
    When we are really ready to do more than gather in big groups of people with signs, and do it drastically at the local level, then you will see changes. Some of it will be violent, I am sure.


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