Thursday, October 21, 2010

Find Somebody to Love Israel

From the Elder of Zion, who's always good for great videos and so much more.  These kids really put the Milli in the Vanilli, don't they?  Excellent! Attractive, joyful, with infectious glee. The lyrics are chock fulla extra meaning. Was it intentional? Well, look for the girl in the Auschwitz pajamas making a brief appearance. And toward the end, there is a young lady who could be a doppelgänger of my daughter, Rachel. But mostly, just listen to the music. It's fantastic.

Let all the Angry Academes of the World™ unite against the Jews. I'm hanging with the Israelis. They are joyous in spite of the whole world hating them. It's in your face. I hope and pray that these kids, when they wrest the reins of power from their corrupt leaders will find a way of standing up to the world with more than a music video.

These kids, most of them, will serve in or have served in the army. That just amazes me.
In other news:

From Solomonia: The Liberal Lynch Mob Comes for the Jews, Again

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