Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Good-bye, Irksome Middle Child, Hello, Mrs. Franze!

Her father wept. I wept. We all wept, and here he's sharing a last dance with her. More pictures to come later.


  1. Liz McHenry9:33 PM

    Aaaawwwww, that's so sweet! You'll soon have a grandson too, more crying to come, hold the waterworks. It's beautiful when parents cry over their children's life any aspect. Nothing wrong with it at all David. It says what kind of relationship you have with her, just think 3 more girls to marry off.
    Liz, the sister-in-law

  2. It is a lovely picture, though, isn't it. We are steeling ourselves for the arrival of James. I can hardly wait. I'm excited to be a nonna. That's what my name is going to be, I think. Nonna. How do you like?

  3. Yes, but with the cost of all this folderol, a gift card to Lowes for a ladder and a Map Quest to Elkins, MD is economically more sound. Put the balance in the bank for the starter nest.

    I'm such a romantic at heart.

  4. We eloped, old man, without a single regret. And she didn't sink a whole boatload of lucre into this wedding either. Elkins, sucks by the way. Lancaster is doing far better economically than many regions of the country. They did clean up nicely at the reception, and that is what they are doing. Putting the money into the bank for a starter nest.
    I'm probably less romantic at heart than you.

  5. Smart! I've seen some of these galas go for $40,000 which is rivaled only by the divorce in two years.

    Never married, at least not with benefit of clergy and state sanction. We managed to fight and kiss through 29 years. Only two of my acquaintances that went the "formal" route are still married.

    Gotta be something in the ice at the bar...

  6. Elkins, BTW, was the only place where one could get married without a blood test and a waiting period, back in the Jurassic period of my 'yout.'

    That is a fact not a recommendation which is only given by the AAA and the CoC.

  7. Jewel7:20 PM

    We have much in common VW. Eloped to Cody, Wyo, no blood test required, and married for 28 years, having lived in sin for a year and a half before that. Almost 30 years together. The kids may have spent only 2000 on this wedding, if that.

  8. Jewel7:29 PM

    What I remember of Elkins, is that when my twins were about 13 months old, we went to the state park, and the moment we put Emily on the ground, she found a pile of cigarette butts and began to pick them up off the ground and eat them. We spent the rest of the day picking out tobacco and twigs, and she spent the next day pooping out the rest. She's a more finicky eater, now, though.

  9. Kids' digestive tracts are non-corrosive, impervious to all matters of detritus and probably could consume ¾ of Chernobyl's soil and just get a rosy glow.

    My brother thought used gum was better than new because it was free. Go figure!

  10. You mean used gum ISN'T better than new?


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