Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Madison Avenue....emphasis on Mad

From Moonbattery:

I guess children aren't the future, after all.

I fear they are just getting started.

What happens when they start telling you that you can only have one child per family. Europeans don't seem to mind breeding themselves out of existence, but when even that is no longer enough, what then?

Of course our overlords have a master plan, so that's reassuring.


  1. Of course that does leave open darker options to the Asymmetrical Opposition. The Chechens, Bosnians and Serbs all displayed some of the methodology available to the practitioners.

    So the Overlords are not out of reach. Their "voluntary" joining of the plan just isn't as...uh...clean.

  2. 'breeding themselves out of existence...' depressing abut apropos.

  3. It is sadly apropos, Abu Daoud. And the champions of the Earth wish to lecture the rest of us about everything under the sun...except for the sun, which, last time I checked, was partly responsible for the whole warming of the earth situation.
    By the way, I pulled my Ramón Llull quotes from your site, since you post about him there. I've been familiarizing myself with the works of many forgotten writers. I have an old Catalan dictionary and it is full of his sayings.


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