Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Manuel Blancafort

This year I have given most of my attention to the Catalan composers Manuel Blancafort and Féderico Mompou.  Their music is pensive and 'miniature', meaning each piece is about a page or two in length, only. Most of the songs are played between andante and allegretto. Many of them have a sadness to them, especially the Blancafort pieces.

In this series of short songs from Blancafort's 'Cançons de Muntanya' (Mountain songs) the pieces are plaintive and gentle, very good to listen to just before going to sleep.

And this from Mompou: Scènes d'Enfance - Jeunes Filles au Jardin

and for you, Teresa: Secreto

Blancafort and Mompou can be downloaded here.  Or at iTunes. I recommend this from Blancafort and that from Mompou, to get you started.

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