Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Understanding the Muslim Dyslexicon

Via Gateway Pundit:  Turkish Nationalist Rally in Ancient Church Angers Armenians.

Extended video here.

From the video:
"Turkey's government hails what it calls growing religious tolerance in the country after allowing a Muslim prayer service to be allowed to be held in a disused Armenian church." 

Breathtaking hypocrisy. Why is the Armenian church disused? Well, look at the video. It is not only not used, it is in terrible disrepair. This is the normal state of Christian churches in Muslim countries.  

The Akhtamar church fell into disrepair following the 1915 mass killings and deportations of Armenians in the Ottoman Empire, which many countries and historians regard as the first genocide of the twentieth century. It was thoroughly renovated and turned into a state museum in March 2007. (my emphasis) The Turkish government, which spent $1.5 million on the renovation, has since resisted calls to return the church to its previous owner, the Istanbul Patriarchate of the Armenian Apostolic Church. It has only allowed Turkey’s remaining Armenian community to hold religious serves on the tiny island once a year. 
Ankara’s failure to honor its reported pledge to restore a cross at the top of the temple by September 19 provided another source of controversy, leading many Armenians to dismiss the event as a publicity stunt. Turkish authorities quietly placed the cross back on the church dome on September 30 (Yerkir-Media TV, www.tert.am), a development that was completely overshadowed by the “namaz,” or Muslim prayer, in Ani on the following day.
The MHP made no secret of the fact that the prayer service was a response to the Akhtamar mass. The party’s senior leader, Devlet Bahceli, personally led a crowd of several hundred nationalists into the ruins of Ani, located on the Turkish-Armenian border, to the accompaniment of Ottoman military marches played by a Janissary-style brass band. Turkish television images showed the crowd waving Turkish flags and chanting “Allahu Akbar” (God is great) before saying prayers in and around the Armenian cathedral.
Really? That was a renovated church?

All throughout the video the commentator blathers on about brokered peace accords and unused churches, without ever once mentioning why that is. The above images ought to help with your understanding.


  1. Mentioning that bit of impropriety, causes the Turkish Diplomatic Corp to have Grand Mal attacks.

    One gets PNG's with alacrity merely whispering such innuendo. Since that nation is a member of NATO, we put up with this static.
    At least we had reason when the bastards were more civilized and not reverting to a heathen country.

    It would be nice to rename the capitol Constantinople once more; while at it, produce an object lesson to Sandland that they will have to share some syphilitic former virgins.

    They do respect strength and resolve; weakness, not so much.

  2. And what is NATO, but a bunch of weakwilled, pussified girly men whose sole capability is prolonged dithering. This is why Turkey will usher, once more, the next world war. The Ottomans wage war, the Europeans are supine, kind of like....ottomans.

  3. We are well, were NATO, along with a batch of poufters with sunburned armpits.

    Just the threat of removing our military from European soil gave the local economies severe tummy cramps.

    Let them defend themselves; they're very good at telling us how to perform in the field in a PC manner. Should be quite the breeze for their troops.

  4. You should run the world VW.

  5. I' don't believe in benign sovereigns. If you rule one must rule absolutely.

    I'm a Daoist in philosophy, so I'd be kicking over all their governmental constructs, forcing each to deal with the world on their own.

    Do you know what that does to people when they're forced to make decisions on life, death, taboos, marriage, gays, money, jobs, kids and boundaries without laws, just ethics.
    Most start sucking the collective thumb.

    What I'd be doing is removing the politicians as they attempt to coerce and gain power

    Wouldn't you like to sit up on the hill and watch the masses roil. You'll be able to see the strong, the self-believers strike out on their own to create a world worth living in where effort is rewarded.


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