Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Useful Maps

I love maps. Always have. They were my favorite part of the National Geographic magazine. As the designated backseat driver, I was in charge of the road map. It pains me that I became obsolete when a soft spoken disembodied woman's voice of the GPS tracking device replaced me.. She's almost made maps unnecessary. Until now. I bring you, courtesy of xkcd,  the Online Communities map:

It is said that Joseph Conrad learned to write English by reading maps and newspapers. And what exquisite English he wrote. But of course, that was before the internet, which has, for the most part either made spoken and written  language better or worse, according to whatever online community you happen to be living in.

Here's another very useful map, for Americans who can't be bothered with the ever changing borders of Europe: From flickr,  via Right Network:

Clearly, a more perfect union could not be formed without the threat of NATO threatening something in a really, really important tone.

I miss my map of the Hundred Acre Wood, that useless relic of innocent childhood. If you were to use it when wandering into the Hundred Acre Wood after dark, nowadays, you'd be set upon by a bunch of knife-wielding yobs who would rob you, then stab you, leave you for dead, and if you were lucky enough to remain alive to be able to give a good description of the thugs to the police, you'd be arrested and sent to prison for committing a hate crime for having described them as a gang of 'Pakistani' boys what jumped you and took your money.

And of course, Narnia and all the Shire are now tourist traps, thanks to Hollywood. But wait, there's more!

Fantasy maps in reality:  A completely judenrein Israel! Way to go! Land for Peace of the watery grave, since I am assuming that the Peace partners were successful in driving all the Jews into the sea, going by this map, anyway.

Ah, but Google Earth has restored my love for maps, once more. It's the next best thing to being there.


  1. I have the National Lampoon Map of the World they published in what '72 or '73.

    My scanner is too small to digitize it so I'll have to put it on the copy stand and photograph it.

  2. I might just google that image and see what comes up, VW.


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