Thursday, November 4, 2010

Dozy Bint Confused About Must-Haves and Gadgets, or something

I would fisk this starry-eyed innocent abroad, myself, but the readers of her pasty blather do it so much better. Here is the  "explanation" for her choice of words. For what it's worth.
Okay, okay. You're all quite right. There are mortars and pestles of different varieties in use all over the world. I didn't mean to claim that the concept of mortar and pestle was unique to Gaza; I am sorry if it sounds that way. I meant the zibdiye as such, with that name and those particular materials: neighboring regional cuisines, otherwise similar in many ways, do not use it.

Nor did I mean the "must-have" part. That was sort of ironic, see. Cause whatever is in the Gaza Strip can't get out: the borders are closed, there are no exports, the economy is wallowing, you can't have it. Until some nostalgic and business-minded Palestinian in the US starts producing them there... if you come across one do let me know.

But this is not a consumer report, this is not about acquiring everything there is in the world. The choice to write about the zibdiye was sort of a literary device, a way of following one item in order to give an overview of the cuisine as a whole, and by extension something about this place which is so seldom seen as anything beyond a geopolitical problem.

I hope you will forgive my hyperbole in light of the broader intent.
Really, Ms. Schmitt? The Gaza Strip's economy wallowing?
Why, it's a regular concentration camp!
With a four-star restaurant. 
And a mall

Oh, the humanity.

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