Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Lemme Get This Straight

Via RightNetwork

Let me see if I got this straight:  The State Department is negotiating terms of surrender with the taliban. 

Terrorists. Really. The guys who kill women for being out of doors? Got it. And for not wearing their portable prison over their entire bodies? Yup. And just for the thrill of killing women? Most definitely. Oh, and who blow up girls' schools, too? Yes. Wonderful. The savages who blew up the Buddhist statues in Bamiyan? Okay. Got it. Those guys.

The taliban who used money given to them by the United Nations for the purpose of building of a soccer stadium - because nothing says you're a civilized nation more than having a soccer stadium - who then used the same soccer stadium to put on a show of mass executions of women....which is, I guess the national past time.

Wonderful people. So very like the Hamas and the Fatah we are forcing Israel to 'negotiate' terms of peace with. Ah.

What do you mean the taliban leader was an impostor? You mean he wasn't an honest broker? A man of integrity? A fair trader? 

Huh! What do you know about that!

Update:  Breaking news. The State Department found the real McMullah! Peace in our time is at hand!

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