Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Note to the Pregnant, Irksome Middle Child: Give the Poppy-Seed Bagel a Pass

H/T HotAir and Reason

The All-Encompassing Nanny State has proven just how incompetent its agents are when enforcing its draconian drug laws. Their actions are never tempered by commonsense or decency. Petty tyrants wield unbridled power to increase the magnitude of pain and suffering they inflict upon people whose lives are ruined by malicious prosecutions and convictions.

This trickle down stupidity overflows the legislative sewage pipes of Utopian thinking, backing up into Ugly reality, with mandatory sentences that punish the guilty and innocent alike with merciless vindictiveness. So many wasted lives wither and die in prison for just the crime of drug use. Or for not using drugs. Does it matter to the test that she was only eating a poppy-seed bagel? The test can't tell whether she ate a poppy seed bagel or if she shot heroin, so why should the police, the social workers, the hospital staff, the prosecutor or the judge?

The test makes looking for other evidence of drug use unnecessary. Only a minimum of thought needs to be used, because there's a test, and no one can fool the test.

And so, a little strip of paper allows the mandarins to be excused with the heartless cliché, "I was only doing my job." No sleep lost. No excess is too wretched. The prison bed is a cold slab of cement with a shredded pile of United States Constitution. Make yourselves comfortable. The mandarins will eventually get around to outlawing the manufacture and selling and eating of anything containing poppy seeds. For your health and benefit. Dorothy and her little air-breathing friends will just have to tumble into fields of something other than poppies, and the Belgians will have to replant Flanders' Fields.

Moral of the story:  Sue the bastards.

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