Thursday, December 16, 2010

Angel Flight

Thanks, John Jay:

Just a reminder: More of our soldiers have died since 2009 than in all the years George W. Bush was in office.  The press doesn't seem to be interested in that since the Anointed One ascended to power.

I had the opportunity to watch the documentary "Restrepo" on National Geographic a while back, and it was difficult. The men are young. They look like boys, barely men at all. They are more manly than the people who currently misrule us. They are fighting a war, which, if fought with purpose and determination,
has a chance of being won. But they are not allowed to even name the enemy. Instead, we are told our sons' and daughters' lives must be extinguished in a vague, never ending 'war' on terror. And we tell them they must not kill 'civilians', who are always pure as the driven snow and never collaborators with 'terror'.
The war has been lost. Bring our children home. Shame upon our rulers and our media. Shame on them all. Our tyrants are not worthy of the sacrifices our children have made.

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