Wednesday, December 29, 2010

O Christian, where art Thou?

Body language is the same the world over. You do not need subtitles to understand the shock, the grief and anger in this video. Let it seep into your mind as much as you can. Lisa Graas, once again, is doing superior work on covering the massacre of Christians in Iraq. The video is an eye witness account of what happened to Adam, who is being called a saint by those who survived the slaughter.

An Epistle from the Church in Iraq
Lisa Graas:
I found the video below linked to the image of the little martyr we call St. Adam of Baghdad in the sidebar at the blog ‘In Defense of the Church‘. I offer a translation with the help of Google’s translator, from the text in the ‘Info’ section added with the video at YouTube. I do not know if the text below is consistent with the audio in the video, but only of what is offered on the ‘info’ tab.

The Martyrs of the Church of our Mother, “Our Lady of Deliverance”, have learned of the ways of the world once again. The Christians of Iraq have joined the convoy of Martyrs of our Church who have sacrificed their lives as an offering to Christ our Lord, who taught us to see the resurrection, of life, of forgiveness, of love, of hope, of faith, of joy.
The blood of our fallen heroes cries out to the world and to all of humanity, and we call upon Christians everywhere to speak out of the Christians of Iraq, in order to “preach” to the world that it is Christ here Who suffers, and Who exists in the lives of our wounded.
Christians of Iraq have experienced deeply the meaning of life because they lived in joy within the sorrowful gloom; lived even though asked that they should experience the power of tragedy; lived in laughter after shedding an abundance of tears; lived with a smile even after their will was broken by violence. These are true Christians of Iraq.
Do you want an example of all this?!
The Church of Our Lady of Deliverance is the Body that would give its whole on behalf of the Christians of Iraq and give you examples written in the blood of its martyrs. Do you hear how, and in what way, Father Alcjaan Thaer Saadallah and Father Wassim Sabih [photos at WaPo] died in this massacre?! Did you know that they defended the Believers, and they tried to preserve their lives and stepped forward instead of them from the first moment that the killers entered the church?!
Did you know that the father of his son’s fever [sic] lives in the small church that completely covered his body and two Mamddan [sic] on the ground, killing the father with a barrage of bullets to keep his son alive?!
Have you heard that the wicked killers murdered a four-month-old girl as well as a young woman who had received good news, the most beautiful news, of a pregnancy, of a child in her womb, and that she had come to church to thank the Lord for this blessing?!
These are the Christians of Iraq, O peoples of the world, Hear, and testify to all of this!
And you, the Christians of Iraq, if there is sorrow in your souls that has now blocked the future from your eyes, look up to the Lord of heaven and earth, and know that He cares for you, and that the world recognizes it.

Mass In Canada for the Slaughtered Iraqi Christians

Al Qaeda is not responsible for this massacre. Islam is. The worshipers of Mohammad are responsible. There is no misunderstanding. There is no tiny minority of extremists. There is no excuse for believing these lies. There is no excuse for turning away from our suffering brothers and sisters in Christ. There is no excuse for leaders in the churches to not strenuously denounce this false religion and its false prophet. No more excuses.

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