Monday, December 26, 2011

If they'd only had newsprint in 1 A.D.

From The People's Cube via Gallia Watch

Happy Second Bite of Birthday After Death, Mr. Vanderleun


Stained glass window by John Piper  

Stained glass window by John Piper

Gerard, may all your days be graced by Love, Truth and Beauty from here, to Eternity, and beyond!

Ode To Sir William Sidney On His Birthday

by Ben Jonson

Now that the hearth is crowned with smiling fire,
And some do drink, and some do dance,
Some ring,
Some sing,
And all do strive to advance
The gladness higher;
Wherefore should I
Stand silent by,
Who not the least,
Both love the cause, and authors of the feast?

Give me my cup, but from the Thespian well,
That I may tell to Sidney what
This day
Doth say,
And ne may think on that
Which I do tell;
When all the noise
Of these forced joys,
Are fled and gone,
And he with his best Genius left alone.

This day says, then, the number of glad years
Are justly summed, that make you man;
Your vow
Must now
Strive all right ways it can,
T’ outstrip your peers:
Since he doth lack
Of going back
Little, whose will
Doth urge him to run wrong, or to stand still.

Nor can a little of the common store
Of nobles’ virtue, show in you;
Your blood
So good
And great, must seek for new,
And study more:
Nor weary, rest
On what’s deceas’t.
For they, that swell
With dust of ancestors, in graves but dwell.

‘Twill be exacted of your name, whose son,
Whose nephew, whose grandchild you are;
And men
Will then
Say you have followed far,
When well begun:
Which must be now,
They teach you how,
And he that stays
To live until tomorrow, hath lost two days.

So may you live in honour, as in name,
If with this truth you be inspired;
So may
This day
Be more and long desired;
And with the flame
Of love be bright,
As with the light
Of bonfires! then
The birthday shines, when logs not burn, but men.

Friday, December 16, 2011

The Appeasement continues, unabated

So now the Anglican Church, the State Church of Great Britain, is teaching the Christmas story to their dwindling membership from the Koran. I really hope that they festooned the church with decorations that don’t inflame the anger glands of those surly practitioners of The Religion of Peace™. In other words, I hope they’ve Decked the Halls with white flags of surrender outside all the windows. Just in case.

Combuke: Islam’s Jihad Against Christmas is a great and lengthy read on this topic, and he posted a list of suitably revised carols:

Carols featured include…
Bang Bang Verily You Die
Bombing in a Winter Wasteland
Death to the World
Do They Know It’s Jihad?
Frosty the Boobytrap
Hijacked Three Ships
I’m Dreaming of a Shi’ite Christmas
I Stoned Mommy for Kissing Santa Claus
Jingle Belts
Little Bomber Boy
No-go Town of Bethlehem
Oh Come all ye Fanatical
Oh TannenBOOM
Repulsive Jews Below
Slay Ride
While Shepherds Screwed Their Flocks
Wreck the Halls

… and of course, that all time favorite: Violent Night 

But what’s a Jihadmas without Charlie Brown?

Friday, December 2, 2011

Abide With Me

1. Abide with me; fast falls the eventide; 
 the darkness deepens; Lord, with me abide. 
 When other helpers fail and comforts flee, 
 Help of the helpless, O abide with me. 

2. Swift to its close ebbs out life's little day; 
 earth's joys grow dim; its glories pass away; 
 change and decay in all around I see; 
 O thou who changest not, abide with me. 

3. I need thy presence every passing hour. 
 What but thy grace can foil the tempter's power? 
 Who, like thyself, my guide and stay can be? 
 Through cloud and sunshine, Lord, abide with me. 

4. I fear no foe, with thee at hand to bless; 
 ills have no weight, and tears not bitterness.
 Where is death's sting? Where, grave, thy victory? 
 I triumph still, if thou abide with me. 

5. Hold thou thy cross before my closing eyes; 
 shine through the gloom and point me to the skies. 
 Heaven's morning breaks, and earth's vain shadows flee; 
 in life, in death, O Lord, abide with me.

Monday, November 28, 2011

Bruce Can't Sing

I went to the grocery store, yesterday, with the intent of leisurely shopping for my meatloaf dinner.

That was my intent, but the popular culture has become so dreadful and hideous that the whole Stepford Wife experience was wasted, and I quickly gathered the bare minimum of things and went to the checkout.

Then Bruce Springsteen started singing:

I looked to her face to see any kind of pain building, any kind of stress at all, to send her over the cliff of sanity into the abyss of postal rage, but there was none. She had developed a survival mechanism to shut out the wretched noise of popular Christmas music. I suppose if I had to work in such an environment I would be sobbing and curled in a fetal position on the floor.

This will be remembered as the Christmas I found out that Bruce Springsteen couldn't sing.
Not that I'm disappointed.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

This is Evil, Too

We forget so soon. Perhaps we need to begin manufacturing more mill stones.


 I don't know why I'm posting this now, except to say that Evil always goes after the children. From the beginning of time, Evil always seeks to murder the innocent. We don't seem to know how to tell the difference, anymore. The most naked aggression and vile act can be dismissed as a psychological aberration. Meh. The lies we tell ourselves. Anything to avoid the truth about the Evil. There is a scene from the Bulgakov story, The Master and Margarita, where in the Former Soviet Union, Evil is nonexistent, save for the vilification of political opponents, and so the people, who do not believe in God, now must face the reality of Satan in their midst. That is where we are now, but we finesse it, buff it out with pleasant sounding words, coat it in a candy shell and hope it tastes good without melting in our hands.

America, once founded on virtuous principles, is now resting on virtual laurels. A sure sign that the end of the Republic is nigh, as we know it. The only people who will survive this onslaught of evil are those who know it and are prepared for it.

I have decided that when I die, it is best to die poor in the things of this life and world.  I would rather leave things to my children that will help them survive the Fall of the Republic.

Beethoven for Elephants

You should always play in such a way to make elephants weep for joy.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

This is Evil

Parents Sue D.A. for Charging Their 6-Year-Old Son With a Felony After He Played Doctor With a 5-Year-Old Girl

 | November 23, 2011

Last week the parents of a Wisconsin boy sued Grant County District Attorney Lisa Riniker for charging their son with first-degree sexual assault, a Class B felony, after he played "butt doctor" with a 5-year-old girl. He was 6 at the time. When the boy's lawyer tried to have the charge dismissed, Riniker replied: "The legislature could have put an age restriction in the statute if it wanted to. The legislature did no such thing."
According to the complaint (PDF), the girl is "the daughter of a well-known political figure in Grant County," and her brother, who is the same age, also was involved in playing doctor but was not charged. In addition to Riniker, the lawsuit names as defendants retired Grant County Sheriff's Sgt. James Kopp and Jan Moravits, an investigator with Grant County Social Services "whose regional the political figure's wife's sister-in-law"—i.e., the aunt of the alleged victim.
Although the boy, now 7, is too young to be prosecuted or named in a juvenile delinquency petitition, reports, county officials are using the felony charge to force his parents into accepting "protection or services" for him. The lawsuit says that once he turns 18, he will be listed as a sex offender.
I noted a similar case in my July Reason story on sex offender laws.
[Thanks to Kevin Bankert for the tip.]
I believe with all my heart that the radical, commie feminists will not stop until every boy child is branded a deviant sexual predator and marked for life.


Gag Order Silences Parents of Boy Charged With Sexual Assault for Playing Doctor

WISC-TV, the CBS affiliate in Madison, reports that Grant County, Wisconsin, District Attorney Lisa Riniker, who charged a 6-year-old boy with first-degree sexual assault becaused he played doctor with a 5-year-old girl, has obtained a gag order that prohibits his parents, who have sued Riniker and two other county officials, from talking about the case. Iowa County Judge Bill Dyke issued the order last Monday, forcing the boy's parents to cancel a planned interview with WISC. The station spoke instead with their lawyers, who are not covered by the order:
"That behavior by a prosecutor is outrageous," said Christopher Cooper, an attorney for the boy's parents....
"She [Riniker] bypassed the parents and sent a 6-year-old boy a summons, on which is a threat that the 6-year-old will go to jail for failure to appear," Cooper said.
The attorneys said they have sought the opinion of many experts who said that children "playing doctor" is not a sex crime.
"[The experts say] a 6-year-old child is unable to intellectually and emotionally associate sexual gratification with the act that D has been accused of committing," Cooper said....
Repeated calls to Riniker and an attorney for [her] and two co-defendants have gone unanswered since Friday, WISC-TV reported.

I hope the public backlash against this prosecutor is swift and felt for a long time hereafter. 

Thursday, October 20, 2011

She Has a Degree in Art and Only a Job to Show for it

I have no idea what she did, but it required two of New York's smiling Finest to take the second born Evil Twin in for "questioning".

"I've found this camp to be a blessed site,"  saith the protester in Occupytopia. The squatters camp is right across the street from the Pennsylvania College of Art and Design and adjacent to the Lancaster City Police Department. It's got to be tough sitting on land next to a police state. As far as Anti-Zionist Illegal Occupations go, this is pretty tame.  There's only one timid drum beating at this riot.

Lancaster, Pretzelvania is not known for its financial district: two banks sitting kitty corner from each other on King and Queen streets, converging at Penn Square. Traffic lights force drivers to stop and look at The Very Big War Monument.

The Very Big War Monument.

We are just 45 minutes west of Philadelphia, but the cultural differences between our two cities is noticeable. We don't do the shabby sit-in very well. If Friendly's goes the way of Borders Books, all heck could break loose, and then it's "Aw, Shucks!" all over again.

It isn't as though our local schools and universities aren't trying to turn out disgruntled degreed malcontents. I have often lamented that the only thing art school offered them was a way to protest in various media.  But color me not-so-surprised when my twins  didn't join with the lemmings to protest. 

Many of their classes left them undereducated and mostly indoctrinated by the hate-filled political blather of their professors. (Hint: If your kid is tired of hearing the prof blame Bush all the time, he can silence the teacher by saying loudly, "Bush is responsible!" after every trivial disappointment in class. Break your pencil? Loudly blame Bush. Stub your toe? It's Bush's fault. Failed a test? Bushhitler. Went to party rather than do your homework like a good Asian? Fuckin' BushCheneyHalliburton! It cured the prof from even wanting to say his name again.)

Perhaps they learned not to complain because I never gave them an allowance. Our lack of means wouldn't allow for allowances. I forced them to get a job at 13, hauling newspapers and babysitting, not getting a plug nickel from me or the man. Julia's first taste of tax-induced rage came when she was 16, while mentally spending the first check of the new year, only to receive it, weeping. Lancaster City had taken everything for the new 'Occupational Privilege Tax'. Her already small check had left her with a dollar and some change. The new, local occupational privilege tax took 52 dollars for the new year. That with all the other taxes taken out, she was slammed pretty hard.  Thank you, Big Government.

Even though she was angry, it is a far cry from the incoherent anger feigned by the OWS trust fund brats malingering in the ivy covered halls of Wastrel U.

At least the art students/protesters are putting their crayons to good use. Both my twins are employed art school grads. Times are very tough for them, but they would never dream of protesting their school debt. That's because it's understood: "I chose to go to art school. I chose to major in illustration. I chose an animation degree."

Believe it or not, thanks in large part to the internet, an enterprising art school grad can find work in a small city far removed from Hollywood or Toronto.  Julia hopes to ply her trade in Canada, the new Mecca for animators, but she's putting her vocal skills to good use and getting paid for it. Click the link and give her a listen.  Not bad for a first time paying voiceover job. All told, her jobs as graphics designer, artist model and voiceover artist add up to eating at mom's house only once or twice a week and being broke all the time.

Welcome to the real world, kiddo.

"I laugh at your bitternesses, dreadlocked hipsters. Look at my hair! It's touchably soft."

Forgive me for kvelling yet again. It's what I do.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Foreign Movie Night!

I really like this man. He looks just like my little brother. The language he's speaking is Unglish, but the subtitles are all in English. Enjoy.

I'll Vote For Herman Cain, Before I see Morgan Freeman Reelected

Aw, cut the man some slack. It's hard to be the former president of the United States, God, a prison convict driving some old biddy around, all the while raising the baby grand daughter. Not to mention working for the hated electric company. How's the man to get to a tea party with all that going on, anyway?

Day of Rage - This Time, With More Feeling

That was last week. I guess they got the message and decided to amp it up this time around.  You would think that after years at the university, these protest junkies would have learned something more useful than chanting in unison and banging the drum all day. Really, guys? Is that all you can do to express your rage? Hell, is that even how you define rage?

Watch for the moment when the oppressed go into unison sloganeering mode. It's just sad and pathetic. Almost instinctive on their part, too. Like anarchists to billy clubs, they just can't help themselves. This is the sum of their education. I'd sue for malpractice...if I were educated, but as time passes, I become more glad that I'm not. Is there any sadder resume  in the job market than the one that lists all the academic accomplishments from 25 years ago, with almost nothing to show in all those years?

I once worked in a newspaper mail room. I started out at 3.25 an hour, slinging bundles of freshly stuffed newspapers onto conveyor belts. In addition to the buck two-eighty I made on the line, I got manly biceps, which helped me lug twin babies around the house later on, long after that working thrill was gone.

I worked with a lot of part time students who were psych majors, mostly. Their universal complaint after they'd graduated was that prospective employers wanted to know how long you worked in the mail room of the Billings Gazette? It seemed that your academic accomplishments had failed to impress the personnel directors. Apparently, they thought it was more important that you stuck it out 4 years at a hard, dirty, low-paying job through the dead of night than being captain of the debate squad.

Now, though, who bothers working his way through school? These losers never consider that the guys on Wall Street are there because they work so damn hard.

These divas never learned that you don't win the debate by screaming down the opponents.

Cut Poison Burn

Cut Poison Burn from Nehst Studios on Vimeo.

Two words never to say to your doctor: Alternative Treatment. If you think that the government knows what's best for you, think again. The crisis never ends. The Cancer Industrial Complex, the Birth Defect Industrial Complex, they make far too much money in keeping the crises going. To understand best what is so evil about statist crony capitalism, look no further than the Food and Drug Administration. 

From Dr. Mercola: 

  • In the US, parents, shockingly, can  lose their children if they refuse conventional cancer therapy. Child Protective Services are routinely called in to charge parents who want a "second opinion" - perhaps to investigate alternative therapies, charging them with child abuse and neglect when refusing conventional treatment.
  • The documentary film Cut Poison Burn follows the tragic case of Jim and Donna Navarro, who fought the medical monopoly in an effort to save their son, Thomas, who was diagnosed with brain cancer at the age of four.
  • Four primary organizations making life and death decisions about you and your family include the FDA, the American Cancer Society, the National Cancer Institute, and the child services system. These are the white-collar bureaucrats whose primary objective is to protect Big Pharma profits and the cancer industry itself.
  • To address this kind of medical injustice, educate yourself and become familiar with your local representatives so you can educate them. Also help support Navarro's legislation to protect Patient's Rights, soon to be reintroduced.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

We Are All Pavlik Morozov, Now!

Amerikanischers, you know NASSSSINK! 

Here, let the professionals show you how it's done. You're almost there! You've got the color part down, now fix the scheming part!

This film is in 14 parts at Youtube. Watching it is surreal from the outset, because we see people like ourselves, ready to confess to crimes that aren't crimes, who are ready to spy on their neighbors, all while pretending to be their friends. How does a people get to this state of mind?  What will it take to make us spy on each other? In some places in this country, notably in very liberal states, there is a uniformity of thought. Neighbors rat each other out to the home owners association when someone has an American flag posted too high, or has a bumper sticker supporting the son and daughter in the Marine Corps. Neighbors report violations of recycling bin crimes, for example. Petty things get them to turn each other in. It's just a small step toward totalitarianism, that's all it is.

Informing is as old as the hills,  and it isn't the first time our current government has tried to stifle 'lies about the government'. But here's a blast from the past:

SEDITION ACT.An act in addition to the act intituled, "An act for the punishment of certain crimes against the United States."
[Approved July 14, 1798.]

ABSTRACT.SECTION I. Punishes combinations against United States government.
1. Definition of offence:
Unlawfully to combine or conspire together to oppose any measure of the government of the United States, &c. This section was not complained of.
2. Grade of offence:
A high misdemeanour.
3. Punishment:
Fine not exceeding $5000, and imprisonment six months to five years.
SECTION II. Punishes seditious writings.
1. Definition of offence:
To write, print, utter or publish, or cause it to be done, or assist in it, any false, scandalous, and malicious writing against the government of the United States, or either House of Congress, or the President, with intent to defame, or bring either into contempt or disrepute, or to excite against either the hatred of the people of the United States, or to stir up sedition, or to excite unlawful combinations against the government, or to resist it, or to aid or encourage hostile designs of foreign nations.
2. Grade of offence:
A misdemeanour.
3. Punishment:
Fine not exceeding $2000, and imprisonment not exceeding two years.
SECTION III. Allows accused to give in evidence the truth of the matter charged as libellous.
SECTION IV. Continues the Act to 3d March, 1801.

SECTION 1. Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America, in Congress assembled. That if any persons shall unlawfully combine or conspire together, with intent to oppose any measure or measures of the government of the United States, which are or shall be directed by proper authority, or to impede the operation of any law of the United States, or to intimidate or prevent any person holding a place or office in or under the government of the United States, from undertaking, performing, or executing his trust or duty: and if any person or persons, with intent as aforesaid, shall counsel, advise, or attempt to procure any insurrection, riot, unlawful assembly, or combination, whether such conspiracy, threatening, counsel, advice, or attempt shall have the proposed effect or not, he or they shall be deemed guilty of a high misdemeanour, and on conviction before any court of the United States having jurisdiction thereof, shall be punished by a fine not exceeding five thousand dollars, and by imprisonment during a term of not less than six months, nor exceeding five years; and further, at the discretion of the court, may be holden to find sureties for his good behaviour, in such sum, and for such time, as the said court may direct.
SECT. 2. And be it further enacted, That if any person shall write, print, utter, or publish, or shall cause or procure to be written, printed, uttered, or published, or shall knowingly and willingly assist or aid in writing, printing, uttering, or publishing any false, scandalous and malicious writing or writings against the government of the United States, or either House of the Congress of the United States, or the President of the United States, with intent to defame the said government, or either House of the said Congress, or the said President, or to bring them, or either of them, into contempt or disrepute; or to excite against them, or either or any of them, the hatred of the good people of the United States, or to stir up sedition within the United States; or to excite any unlawful combinations therein, for opposing or resisting any law of the United States, or any act of the President of the United States, done in pursuance of any such law, or of the powers in him vested by the Constitution of the United States; or to resist, oppose, or defeat any such law or act; or to aid, encourage or abet any hostile designs of any foreign nation against the United States, their people or government, then such person, being thereof convicted before any court of the United States having jurisdiction thereof, shall be punished by a fine not exceeding two thousand dollars, and by imprisonment not exceeding two years.
SECT. 3. And be it further enacted and declared, That if any person shall be prosecuted under this act for the writing or publishing any libel aforesaid, it shall be lawful for the defendant, upon the trial of the cause, to give in evidence in his defence, the truth of the matter contained in the publication charged as a libel. And the jury who shall try the cause shall have a right to determine the law and the fact, under the direction of the court, as in other cases.
SECT. 4. And be it further enacted, That this act shall continue and be in force until the third day of March, one thousand eight hundred and one, and no longer: Provided, That the expiration of the act shall not prevent or defeat a prosecution and punishment of any offence against the law, during the time it shall be in force.

More about the Alien and Sedition Act of 1798

Now, however, the pendulum has swung to the extreme, where treason and sedition are the norms, especially in academia, where patriotism is almost a capital crime worthy of death.

Agencies whose role is to protect the citizens from enemies from without, are now infested by enemies from within. How routine it has become to see top secret information about intelligence operations splashed all over the pages of the NY Times, on cable news, on sleazy websites. Julian Assange and others like him are legion. He is only the famous guy. The rest are nameless traitors and cowards.

So mock, for a bit longer, the little Pavlik Morozovs of Attack Watch. Just don't be too surprised when Dolores Umbrage shows up to question you in the not too distant and dark future. After all, there are so many new laws and regulations to violate that won't be enacted until 2012.  So easy to pass a law based on wishful thinking, quite another to enforce reality to conform to one's wishful thinking.
Ah, but that never stops Communists in their deathquest for Utopian fantasies, it won't stop us, either.
I almost forgot: The Communist Manifesto is now following me on Twitter! I'm not sure if I should be scared or not.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Looking Glass History with Alligator Gumbo

There are days when the 911 troothers and history revisionists in the Looking Glass just get to me. These are people whose intellects have been nourished on episodes of The X-Files.  I just can't take all the trooth and history. But here it is, as it is posted on tumblr.

Without Muslims you wouldn’t have:
  • Coffee
  • Cameras
  • Experimental Physics
  • Chess
  • Soap
  • Shampoo
  • Perfume/spirits
  • Irrigation
  • Crank-shaft, internal combustion engine, valves, pistons
  • Combination locks
  • Architectural innovation (pointed arch -European Gothic cathedrals adopted this technique as it made the building much stronger, rose windows, dome buildings, round towers, etc.)
  • Surgical instruments
  • Anesthesia
  • Windmill
  • Treatment of Cowpox
  • Fountain pen
  • Numbering system
  • Algebra/Trigonometry
  • Modern Cryptology
  • 3 course meal (soup, meat/fish, fruit/nuts)
  • Crystal glasses
  • Carpets
  • Checks
  • Gardens used for beauty and meditation instead of for herbs and kitchen.
  • University
  • Optics
  • Music
  • Toothbrush
  • Hospitals
  • Bathing
  • Quilting
  • Mariner’s Compass
  • Soft drinks
  • Pendulum
  • Braille
  • Cosmetics
  • Plastic surgery
  • Calligraphy
  • Manufacturing of paper and cloth

Betcha didn't knoes this, bizzitches. I bet you didn't know that Muslims discovered Amrika. Well, now you do! So there, and all. What you need after this histrionic lesson is some small comfort: Have some gumbo: I made this tonight. With alligator meat. And okra. The only vegetable that produces snot. Mmm.

Mother Effingby's Shrimp and Alligator Gumbo - a Most Haram meal for September 11th.

Yep, I took these pictures myself. New camera does the food some justice.


3/4 cup of whole wheat white flour (King Arthur)
bacon drippings
1/2 lb bacon
1 lb alligator meat cubed into small pieces
2 lbs shrimp (large, but not jumbo)
1 lb andouille  sausage, sliced into circles
3 cloves chopped garlic
1 diced green pepper
1 diced white onion
3 stalks of celery, diced
1/2 diced red pepper
1 28 oz can of diced or crushed tomatoes
chicken stock or seafood stock (you can buy it in a box, now)
1/2 lb okra
Creole seasoning OR cayenne pepper, salt, black pepper, onion powder and garlic powder, mixed together in no particular's all up to your taste.
2 bay leaves
Sriracha chili sauce
1 cup dry roasted slightly chopped peanuts

Break out your cast iron Dutch Oven if you have one, this is going to take a while.

Preheat oven to 350.  Put your burner on a medium high heat.

Slice the bacon into small pieces and brown, until all the fat is rendered. Remove with a slotted spoon to a paper towel, leaving the fat in the pan.
Season the alligator meat with the Creole seasoning and add it to the fat, browning on both sides, but not cooking it through. Remove it to a plate. Add the sausage and repeat this process and remove when browned to hang out with the alligator meat.
Add the vegetables except for the okra and sauté until softened. Remove them to a bowl and add the flour to the fat. Whisk it right away. If the flour is too clumpy, add a bit of oil and whisk it until it is smooth.
Once it begins to bubble on the stove, remove it and cook the roux in the oven for about a half hour to 45 minutes, stirring it every 20 minutes. It won't burn this way. It is really easy to burn the roux on the stove, but this is a very important step in making gumbo. The roux has to be dark, and smell slightly like toasting nuts. When it's done, it should be brick colored. In the meantime, heat your stock.
Place the roux back on the stove and add the stock slowly, whisking it constantly. Add the vegetables and then the tomatoes. Add the sausage, alligator and bacon. Finally, add the okra and the creole seasonings and sriracha sauce. I used sriracha because I didn't have tobasco. It's less tangy than tobasco, but it is a full-bodied heat and will send you searching for liquid coolant.
Lower the heat and cook, simmering for about a half hour.  Add your shrimp and turn off the heat. Finally, before serving, stir in the peanuts. (a touch of Africa)
Some recipes call for filé, but I didn't have any, and you can use it instead of okra.
As for the peanuts, it is common in traditional West African cuisine, and it was just a spur of the moment decision to add them. They actually made the gumbo quite delicious!
Remember, keeds, this isn't necessarily a traditional gumbo recipe, but I imagine gumbo mutates from chef to chef. The next time I make this, it will probably be different, too.
PS. I understand, from all the purists who will write me enraged, that the cooking procedures are not the correct way of making roux. Too bad. This worked. I'm doing it like this from now on. One pot cooking. That's the house rule for making stews.

Sunday, September 11, 2011


I wanted to write something about this anniversary, but I feel so very very small and inadequate to the task. All I can write is this constant thought I have had since that day:

The man showered, dressed sharply, combed his hair, his shoes were polished. The reservations for dinner had been made, everything in order. A beautiful day, and it felt good to be alive. He greeted his fellow employees going up to the same floor. They shared small talk, some office gossip, what they saw on television the night before.

In a half hours’ time, he would leave a message for his wife, saying how he loved her so much and to kiss the children for him. He held out hope that maybe someone would rescue them and called 911. The operator calmly assured him that help was on the way, and to stay put, but he was already making peace with God, and asking himself whether it would be better to jump into eternity or fall with dignity, hoping that God would catch him on his way down and spare him the pain of hitting the ground below. All around him, other employees were going through their own Gethsemanes as well. All alone, together.

That is the vision that constantly eats away at my mind to this day.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Baby James' First Press Conference

Translation: "We come in peace. We mean you no harm. Resistance is futile. My diaper needs changed. Let me bite you some more."

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Hey! Who Put Rum in My Rumspringa?

Rumspringa (also Rumschpringe or Rumshpringa, derived from the German term "herumspringen" or short "rumspringen" (meaning "jumping around") and the Pennsylvania German term "Rond Springen" or "running around")[1][2] generally refers to a period of adolescence for some members of the Amish, a subsect of the Anabaptist Christian movement, that begins around the age of sixteen and ends when a youth chooses baptism within the Amish church or instead leaves the community.[3]:10-11 The vast majority choose baptism and remain in the church. Not all Amish use this term (it does not occur in John Hostetler's extended discussion of adolescence among the Amish), but in sects that do, Amish elders generally view this as a time for courtship and finding a spouse.[3]:14 Wenger Mennonites youth go through a period of rumspringa between ages 16 and 18. It is sometimes referred to as a period to "sow wild oats."[4]

Rumspringa, by Paul Richard James 

State Police: 5 Amish Men Attack Girls

Teens, 12-Year-Old Say They Were Grabbed,
 Groped At Wilmington Horse Auction

POSTED: 7:11 am EDT September 7, 2011 
UPDATED: 1:33 pm EDT September 7, 2011

State police are searching for a group of young Amish men who they say indecently assaulted three girls recently in Lawrence County.The incident happened Sept. 2 at a horse auction that the girls attended with their parents on Route 208 in Wilmington Township, police said.
Five Amish men who were "allegedly under the influence of alcohol and controlled substances" groped and fondled two 13-year-old girls and a 12-year-old girl, according to a police report.
"If the victims did not heed their demands, they were forcibly grabbed and punched," police wrote in a media statement. "One female was dragged down several steps. She was to seek treatment at a Mercer County hospital."Police said several witnesses have backed up the girls' account of the incident.
At a news conference Wednesday, troopers at the state police station in New Castle said they believe the men range in age from 18 to 25 and are from the New Wilmington area.
No arrests have been made, but police said they have leads on the identities of the men.

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We see a lot of this sort of thing here in The Amish Paradise. Once, while out in my back yard, I heard what I thought was a boom car, coming down the street. The sound was sloooowwwwwly getting louder, accompanied by the gentle gait of a horse with a buggy behind. As I stared at the spectacle of four young Amish men in their buggy with obscenity laden rap music polluting the quiet summer afternoon, one of them did this: 

Surprising that Pennsylvania Dutch and English have so many similarities! But I digress.
I used to have a somewhat naive and touristy kind of belief about the Amish, who could really do no wrong, so I thought, but having worked with them and lived among them for nearly 25 years, I have come to the conclusion that they are just like everyone else. Only more inbred, much like the dogs and cats they breed and sell to unsuspecting people.

Food Porn Hotline Episode 5: She Delves Deeply

“Res Ipsa Lipitor!” cried Mme Scherzo, as she delved into the deep dish, foot high, banana and coconut cream pie. The proper thing to do would have been to dive heedlessly with the fork, but she wanted to slowly plumb the sweet and milky depths for every golden banana coin in that coconut cream sea on the tender and flaky shores of the pie crust, ‘neath that warm and toasty meringue sky.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Bumper Sticker Bravery

Some people hand out tracts to the unwashed and unsaved, others use their vehicles. I’m sure they meant well, but I’m willing to bet none of the passengers on that bus would actually go to Darfur to save someone. Like the environmentalist who indulges in ‘carbon credits’, he will ‘donate’ the necessary funds to people who are also too cowardly to go over to Darfur and save anyone, but with the money they raise, they will make bumper stickers to put on cars, urging people to Save Darfur, instead of having to paint it on their cars for free. 
See how that works?
Some people hand out tracts to the unwashed and unsaved, others use their vehicles. I’m sure they meant well, but I’m willing to bet none of the passengers on that bus would actually go to Darfur to save someone. Like the environmentalist who indulges in ‘carbon credits’, he will ‘donate’ the necessary funds to people who are also too cowardly to go over to Darfur and save anyone, but with the money they raise, they will make bumper stickers to put on cars, urging people to Save Darfur, instead of having to paint it on their cars for free. 
See how that works?