Friday, January 14, 2011

An Added Touch of Crass

I didn't watch Obama's Tucson Memorial speech, for the sole reason I don't watch any of his speeches: He's a liar. Period. No other reason but that he is a liar. I have had it up to my eyeballs with liars. Many people noted what a great speech it was, but I couldn't get past these images:

Hardly the kind of thing you should see at a memorial service for the dead, now, is it? 

Cilla answers the question of where the shirts might have their origin. But just in case the site goes into the memory crapper, here it is in full:

Together We Thrive
By John Berry IV - Feb 11, 2008 12:49:37 AM ET
For too long Americans have been set one against the other, it is a side affect of a free market society. How can profits be maximized, how can I get the work done for the lowest possible costs. This continually sets one group against the other, especially in the blue collar sectors of America. It has become a part of the American Business model, whether it was indentured servants, slaves picking cotton, sharecroppers, the industrious people that built the railroads or todays migrant workers. As long as we remain divided, fighting for the scraps that America has to offer it will be one group against the other.

What I see in Obama is a chance for a revolution. A chance for every group to participate and be heard; A chance to live the American dream that has been denied to so many. Together we can and will change the world and return America to the shining beacon of Hope and Prosperity that we were and that we can be again. Only when we work together do we accomplish feats that rival any ever accomplished in the history of mankind. Diversity is our strength, that is what this campaign brings us a promise of. For many this is a scary prospect and thought, getting to know someone different from myself. We all want the same basic things for example a safe place to live, health and a quality education for our kids.

In a previous career, I was the global leader of Diversity for a global fortune 500 corporation, I have studied the affects of diverse groups working together and the results can not be denied. Together we Thrive!!!!!!!!!!!

In the words of Ralphie, upon decoding the super secret message from his Little Orphan Annie Decoder Ring:

A crummy commercial? Sonofabitch, indeed. Are we surprised, yet?

Adds Rick: "Together We Thrive" is a singularly inappropriate slogan for a memorial service, since, after all, six people are not thriving.
But of course, it was not a memorial service. It was the kickoff event for Obama's 2012 re-election campaign.

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