Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Stark contrasts

How many variations on a theme of evil are there? One more unraveling of the world. This is Islam, where girls are unwanted trash. Women who survive girlhood are virtual prisoners. Bartering chips. In Pakistan, as in Bangladesh and Afghanistan, women are victims of acid attacks, too. Beautiful women disfigured for any and all reasons and for no reason other than they are women. That is the hatred for women that is woven throughout the binding chains of Islam.


Infanticide on the Rise in Pakistan

The Edhi Foundation, a charity group reported that more than 1000 infants were abandoned or killed in Pakistan last year. The group counted the number of incidents that happened only in the cities and it is unknown how many infants were abandoned in the rural areas. In December alone, they found 40 dead babies left in garbage dumps and sewers.
Although Islam discourages infanticide, the birth of children outside of marriage is unacceptable and adultery is punishable by death. The fear of death compels a mother to abandon her baby. Abdul Sattar Edhi, the founder of the charity said, “People leave these children mostly because they think they are illegitimate, but they are as innocent and loveable as all human beings.”
The charity has posted a sign outside its office, “Do not murder, lay them here” and left cradles to receive unwanted babies.
In another incident, a baby was left outside of a mosque and the Imam of the mosque ordered to stone the baby to death.

I am the mother of four lovely daughters. Each is a joy to me. Each is an individual, with her own dreams and aspirations. I am fortunate to have  daughters. I am most fortunate to live in a country where daughters may dream and hope for themselves big dreams. Where the burden of shame is not placed upon them. And we don't kill our daughters in the name of family honor.

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