Sunday, February 20, 2011

The Electronic Civil War

I have been watching with growing anger, the protests by 'teachers' in Madison, Wisconsin. Andrew Breitbart sums it up:

The proglodytes can muster their supporters, bus them in, dress them all in royal purple, but at the end of the day, there is nothing so awesome and terrifying to them as the American taxpayer, roused from his comfortable slumber by the cold and relentless winter of the Prog's Whiny Disconnect.

You progs live by symbolism, you will die by reality. And no fake note from your doctor will save you.

God Bless the American people.

Behold the brazen stupidity of these 'doctors' passing out fake notes, who are certain of the justness of their cause. They believe that the taxpayers funding the goldbricks out on Teacher's Day of Hooky are in full support. The press ignores, but the guys with the little Flip Cameras and cellphones....they're the ones breaking the stories. You want to know what pisses off the press? It's that fact, right there.

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