Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Cutting out in style

Lent is most often associated with cutting out certain foods. For people struggling with their weight, Weight Watchers has always made actually watching what you eat the basis of their organization. Its point system is both a carrot and a stick for encouraging self-control. They even have their own low calorie versions of high fat, high calorie foods, like cakes, pasta and other things which derail a diet.

But now WW has begun to rethink the whole calorie counting thing by replacing the point system - a system which allowed you to indulge in a higher calorie treat after having reduced the 'points' elsewhere in your diet.

They are going to a more 'organic and naturalistic kind of diet' after having figured out that not all calories are equal. From Mercola:

Some generally good sources of protein (though you need to find out your nutritional type to really tailor your foods for optimal health) include:

  • Eggs (ideally, raw organic and pasture raised)
  • Grass-fed beef and bison
  • Pasture raised, organic chicken and ostrich
  • Raw grass-fed dairy products (raw milk, raw-milk cheese, and so on.)
  • Wild-caught, mercury-free fish (only eat this if you can confirm via lab-testing that it's not polluted)
 When choosing protein sources, it's extremely important to find high-quality varieties.

These would be grass-fed (not grain-fed) organic meats, raw (not pasteurized) dairy products, and wild-caught (not farm-raised) fish you know is not contaminated with mercury and other pollutants.

Because while protein is very healthy, you will not be doing yourself any favors by eating grain-fed beef (which is the most widely available in supermarkets), pesticide-laced chicken, or mercury-rich fish, so please pay careful attention to the sources of your protein, and how they're raised.

Now just look at this ridiculous list. I guarantee you will burn through your wallet and gasoline just trying to locate 'locally raised' ostrich and bison - if you are lucky enough to live near any farm that raises such animals.

Raw milk is not available in MOST STATES, where selling it is considered a crime.

And good luck with finding a lab to test your 'wild caught fish'.

After burning several calories laughing at the preposterous unreality swirling around the snobbisphere, I shall try to simplify my own changes:

It starts with water. I drink only water now. Sometimes more than 48 oz. a day. Cool, clean filtered water. I would be content in just drinking the tap water, but it tastes awful.

I was addicted to diet soda. I really mean that I was crazy addicted to the stuff. I don't know if it is the aspartame or the caffeine or a combination of both, but I burned through two cases in a week. I was up to drinking five or six a day in some cases.

As a result of this one change, here is what I noticed about my body and health::

  • I think more clearly. I am more focused.
  • My joints don't ache as much, and I can climb stairs without pain. This was a hindrance in my daily life.
  • I am less hungry.
  • I have an appetite for more raw vegetables and fruit, and not so much for processed sugar and flour concoctions. I notice what I eat, now that I drink only cold, clean water. 

I tried to enjoy a diet soda the other night, my preference having been Coke Zero. It was awful. It tasted funny,  and did nothing for me. I have completely broken this shackle in my life.

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