Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Personal Boycott of Hanes

There is so much to hate about this commercial. Where to even begin? Is it the nasty-faced, thankless pampered brats being strolled by mommy? These children wouldn't know what a recycled shirt looked like if their older siblings handed it down to them, complete with chocolate pudding stains and all.

It couldn't possibly be the foul hypocrisy of outsourcing their labor to sweatshops in the third world, could it?
And before you jump on me about unions pricing themselves out of the market, let me just say, I don't have a problem with companies making money and profits. That can be another topic for another day.

Maybe this is Hanes way of doing environmental pennance. (Sorry, I meant to say INDULGENCE)

Whatever it is, I'm not buying Hanes products anymore. This is one fugly repulsive commercial. I am willing to bet most clothing these days are made from partially recycled materials, so I'm definitely not buying the premise Hanes is making.

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