Sunday, July 31, 2011

I'm Saying the Bluest Words, today

I tremble, when I consider that our youth are going to be making life and death decisions in the near and desperate future. They aren't able to process logic, or to look with a gimlet eye at lies being passed off as facts. Malleable fools, all. They think with their emoticons and not their brains. How is it that some made up statistic can induce such anger in women?
Take, for example the following exchange between a young, teen-aged girl and myself:

Here is the big lie that set me off today.
Women perform 66 percent of the world’s work, produce 50 percent of the food, but earn 10 percent of the income and own 1 percent of the property.
        ~UNICEF, ‘Gender Equality–The Big Picture’, 2007 (some gullible twat)

Everyone needs to know this.
(the girl)

Once again, bullshit. If the UN were so concerned about the plight of women, they would stop the madness of sex selective abortions and coercive abortions. Almost without exception these aborted foetuses are female, and would have been women had they been given the same chance at life you or I had. China and India now have a shortage of women. In China alone, the men outnumber the women three to one, maybe higher.

If the UN gave a damn about women, they wouldn’t be raping them in the countries they occupy, and they wouldn’t be trafficking in child sex rings in Africa. The UN is worse than worthless…the UN is fucking EVIL.

That doesn’t make the quote less valid. Or less true. Or less important.
(the girl)

It makes the point irrelevant. Look carefully at the statistic, which is made up, as most statistics are, anyway.

66 percent of the world’s work. Really? Doing what? Men work at disproportionately more difficult jobs than women…hard labor, construction. Police and fire. Women in third world countries have it hard because of their CULTURES. It is their CULTURES, specifically ISLAMIC CULTURES where women are mistreated the most.

Right now, this is how lacking in credibility the UN is. They appoint countries where women have few, if any rights to their stupid fucking HUMAN RIGHTS COMMISSION. Iran was in charge of that commission just last year. REALLY? Give. Me. A. Break.

Also, that 50% of the food produced by women in the world. Family farms. Everyone works. And even more importantly is this: The US produces much more food than it needs, often shipping seed and livestock to Africa which is then placed BY THE FUCKING UN into the hands of despots, tyrants and thugs who use it to keep the people in dire poverty. The UN has been responsible for much of the famine in the world because they have tried to alleviate the starvation by putting local farmers out of business with imported food, clothing and materials. If they would not supplant the local populations, those people would be able to farm without competing with the UN.

The UN is fucking EVIL and needs to be destroyed.

I apologize for all the cussing, which I don't very often indulge in, but I haven't had any chocolate at all, today, and I need a fix.

Way Past Midnight

Tonight, I woke at 11 pm when the Irksome Middle Child called to say she wanted to talk. Rats. I didn't want to talk so late at night, especially when I had to be at work in a half hour, so I told her that my mind was still in a cryogenic state and to call at a reasonable hour....and I hung up and then I remembered, "Ah, our bakery is closed on work for me, tonight, and I drifted happily back to sleep, having escaped both work and a talking to by my daughter....she's been on my case, lately. Something about not living up to expectations or suchlike.

I realized today, that I hate being a grandparent. No, no...I don't hate my new grandson. Not at all. I hate being a grandparent. It sucks! Now that the munchkin is crawling, I have to ONCE AGAIN baby-proof the house. Which MEANS....I have to pick up stuff off the floor that can be eaten. Which is usually NOT edible. I have to plug up electrical outlets and put latches on cabinets and gates up in doorways and the stairwell.

Oh yeah, and I forgot. I don't do doting all that well. I never doted on my kids the way their father has. The man worships his girls, and now, he dotes on the boy. And the boy, in turn expects it from him.

He tries with me, but I make a note of his crying, check his diaper and bottle and if he can be neutralized in a location with toys, I'm all about that. But cooing and doting? Not really. Okay. A little. Just. A little.

Grampa's the Dote. I'm the antidote.

Here. Have some Carmen McRae. It's late and I'm up all night.

What's Good for the Goose is Worth Taking a Gander

One of the sillier movements in the swirling of the mind shit at the bottom of the toilet known as academia is the 'gender neutral' fetish. Surely the end of the ages is upon us.

Consider the bromide I found at tumblr while holding your nose:

Pronoun question. I need your opinions.

I try to refer to everybody with gender neutral pronouns because I feel it’s time the world stops seperating the world by sex/gender. Problem is I then realize if these people have requested and pointed out the gendered pronouns they prefer - I need to respect that. After all I would want people respecting my choice, but then I’m just going with the idea that people should be seperated and labeled by their sex/gender.

So I guess my question is, what do you guys think? Continue using gender neutral pronouns even though the person has made it clear which they prefer? Or respect their wishes and take into account that this is how the world is?

Submit your answer, put in my inbox if you want me to respond to it with my opinion as well, or just respond to this post :) Although chances are I might not see it if you do.

X Haiden
S/H/IT works for me…pretty much sums up the idiocy of the gender neutral imbeciles currently all the angry rage in Psilly Pseudo-Academicland.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Flickering Candle from the darkest corner of the world

Well, now, color me surprised most serendipitously, to have stumbled upon this fella, since most Islamic scholars regard music as an evil, and in the more rigid Sharia-controlled regions of the Middle East, music is barely tolerated.

From the website Sunni Path:

Music and Singing? 
The case with music and unlawful singing is the same. It has been decisively prohibited in Shariah, as the evidences mentioned further along will show. Yet there are individuals that are not ready to believe that it is Haram. 
In the modern era, music has spread to such an extent that nobody is free from it. Individuals are confronted with situations where they are forced to listen to music. It is played nearly in all department stores and supermarkets. If you sit in a taxi, make a phone call or even walk down the street, you will not be saved from this evil. Young Muslims drive around in their cars with the music fully blasted. The increasing popularity of music, which is prevalent in our society, poses a great threat to the Muslims. 
Music is a direct ploy of the Non-Muslims. One of the main causes for the decline of the Muslims is their involvement in useless entertainment. Today we see that Muslims are involved, and at the forefront perhaps, of many immoralities and evils. The spiritual power which once was the trait of a Muslim is nowhere to be seen. One of the main reasons for this is music and useless entertainment.
In Pakistan, music stores are regularly burned down. Still, music persists to grace a culture determined to extinguish it. They might as well outlaw breathing.   So it surprised me to discover the joyous and very haraam artistry of Alaa Wardi:

What amazes me about this singer is his use of Bach-like western harmonies, jazz chord progressions and in the case of his other videos, western instrumentation. Yet he also incorporates the more ancient Middle Eastern musical palette into his songs seamlessly using nothing but his body and his voice, along with a good camera and recording equipment...also, a gift from the west.

Here is what he says of himself:

 Each person is a walking song. Our heartbeat, our breath, our laugh, our yells and screams all together tells a story that differs from person to person yet we can all relate to. That is why music has no race or religion, no age nor job. It is a universal house and anybody is invited inside. So wipe your feet and enter our house of spiritual communication and language and forget about everything for one second and let us take you on a journey. (Sarah Salah)
"Despite all the things you might want to know about me, here's what you should know instead: I believe in music, it's a huge part of our lives, our daily lives, it helps our souls keep going for a bit longer when our minds and bodies give up. We all have music in us because we all have souls, we all receive music and we all can project. I've had the chance and the capability to share my music and I'm honored to know that I have effected someone's life simply by bringing a smile to his or her face, and that I have made one moment of his/her life slightly easier to live. 
For me, that's more than enough reason to keep doing what I do till I die, and I hope for more people to share with me what their souls have to say. I'm honored to be your soul mate... my listener friends.

This song is moving in a deep and spiritual level, evocative of the passions and feelings that transcend religion, ethnicity and ideology. The artwork that accompanies the music was also painted by a Muslim and  is completely at odds with nations  whose art is limited to Jew-hating propaganda. Consider the cultural suffocation that surrounds Alaa Wardi as you watch this video.

I have no doubt that there are a lot of Arab and Muslim fans of this man. Openly or in secret. Poets and musicians often tend to be the crack in a tyrannous fist gripping the mind and soul of a people.

Visit his YouTube site. Download his videos. Save them. You never know who's watching him.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Rusty gets it right - Almost

Rusty Shackleford (no relationship to this person) almost gets it right about the murderous madman Anders Breivik. I am going to pick a wee, bitty nit with him in the definition of Islamophobia.

He says,
"I've always hated the term 'Islamophobia'. It seems so .... imprecise. These people are irrationally afraid of .... Islam? I don't know about that. Perhaps Muslimophobe works better? It just seems to me that there could be a better term for the phenomenon."
Ah, friend Shackleford! You are this close to the truth. Islamophobia is indeed a reality. An ugly, ugly reality. And with all things slimy on the Very Reasonable Left, who keep using that word as a cudgel to tell us Very Unreasonable People on the Right to shut up, I do not think that word means what you think it means.

Let me help you out. And not just you, compadres, but anyone who needs to understand precisely what this word means.

Islamophobia is the default position of the press, who wish not to offend Muslims. So a million sins will be overlooked or obfuscated when Muslims do what Muslims very often do.

Islamophobia is the default position of the US Government, especially as it pertains to DHS and the Federal Gropers of TSA, who wish not to appear to be 'profiling', so they create videos where the bad guys are all White Lutheran Extremists, and the heroes calling DHS are brown people. And where crippled old ladies in diapers are given an 'extra, special treatment'.

Islamophobia is the default position of universities who publish books about the Mohammed Cartoon 'controversy' without publishing any of those controversial cartoons. And magazines, too. And bookstores. RIP Borders. I will be coming to scavenge your shelves later on this week.

That pretty much is what Islamophobia is, folks. I'm glad to be of any service I can. Truth is the best countermeasure against frothing, frenzied falsehood, every time.

Dance Me To the End of Lunch

Dance Me to the End of Love

Alas, I will  never know such fleet-footed litheness, for dancing is just a bit of foreplay for me and my man.  And this is musical foreplay, to be sure.

I'm keeping my fingers crossed, Husman, that the tykes will all be out of the house by lunch time, tomorrow, and should they read this, they'll take the hint and be gone.

The Press will define us, if we don't define ourselves

Via View from the Right:

Monday, July 25, 2011
To: Friends & Supporters
From: Gary L. Bauer

Norwegian Terrorist No Christian

Both the Washington Post and the New York Times have run headlines labeling Anders Breivik, the Norwegian mass murderer, a "right-wing Christian." These are the same two newspapers that go to great lengths to avoid using the word "Muslim" to describe Islamist murderers.
 They regularly warn us not to jump to conclusions about any jihadist attack, and they lecture us not to reach any conclusions about the role the Muslim religion might have played. All of these "rules" have apparently been cast aside as the two papers, and countless other commentators, try to make Breivik into a conservative Christian.
I can assure you that Anders Breivik was not a follower of Jesus Christ. I can say that with confidence because neither he nor anyone else can cite one word from the teachings of Christ that would justify his evil actions. His murderous rampage is a repudiation of the whole body of Christ's teachings. The same cannot be said about the teachings of Muhammad, which contain many statements that can be used to justify murder.
 No one can find one Christian theologian, reputable pastor, denominational leader, Christian author or philosopher who will attempt to defend Breivik's actions. Unfortunately, many imams, Muslim leaders and mosques will defend Islamists who intentionally kill civilians, including children.
In Breivik's 1,500 page "manifesto," it is clear that he hates Islam and wants Europe to rediscover its Christian culture. Breivik likes violent video games. His favorite TV show is Dexter, a series that glorifies a serial killer. One also finds in his ramblings that he is a follower of Charles Darwin, seldom if ever prays, says it is possible to be a "Christian atheist," and adds, "I'm not going to pretend I'm a very religious person."
 Breivik doesn't have to pretend he is a religious man--the Washington Post and the New York Times will pretend for him.
Nicely said, Gary.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

The Three little Pigs - corrected

This, of course, is the way the story should have ended before Disney ruined it.

Rime of the Middle-Aged Mariner

My husband took the family
To spend a day beside the sea.
We brought umbrella, towels and spade,
I sat with Kindle in the shade.
The sultry air was still and dense.
The shade offered no recompense.
I listened to the siren’s song
And wandered through the noisy throng.
My charming husband took my hand,
Together waded out from land.
We rushed up hillocks, down in dells
With foaming waves we rose and fell.
We splashed and played in manner grand,
A lovely, weightless waterland.
While bobbing, we were sun-kissed apples,
But I, now blind from sparkling dapples,
Turned to go back to the shore,
Fatigued, refreshed, I sought no more.
My brief and buoyant levity,
Soon rediscovered gravity.
Sunk deep in sand, ah, but the sea,
The sea had other plans for me.
The sea in whose arms I was thrall
Rolled me like a bowling ball
Knocking down some kiddie pins,
Up to the shore ass over chin.
And out again and in twice more
I nearly drowned upon the shore.
And there I sat all inside out,
My nether regions filled with grout.
The slack-jawed stares on children’s faces
Said they'd seen my lady places.
And then my husband ran to me,
And pulled my shorts up past my knees.
With bruised esteem high on a shelf,
I deprecated on myself.
One day, some enterprising rube
Will prob’ly post it on YouTube,
And I shall need a web redemption,
For Daniel Tosh makes no exemptions.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Tragic Ironies

I'm sure I'm not the only one who saw this, but here it is.

I think I'm going to start saying what I really think in this blog. I've tried conventional thought, hoping for the best, but yeah, I'm done with that. My first inclination to fixing the problem is to start with fire: Fire the government, everyone. Cleanse it all out with fire.

Let's start with the public schools. Burn them all to the ground. There's no saving them. Not when you have brainwashing factories ready to churn out more and more non-thinkers.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Government Gone Wild

This is why there is no hope of government reform. Only the wrath of God or the people. We shall see whose wrath is kindled first.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Happy Birthday, Patrick Stewart!

I hope you like dark chocolate and orange cake. I pretended to bake it myself.

I would like to wish Sir Patrick Stewart a very happy birthday on this, the first day of his 71st year! I think you will agree, watching this video, that he has avoided the pitfalls of being typecast that come with becoming an iconic figure on Star Trek: Congratulations to you, Sir, for not hoisting yourself on your own Picard! You deserve a nice virtual birthday cake.