Thursday, July 28, 2011

Flickering Candle from the darkest corner of the world

Well, now, color me surprised most serendipitously, to have stumbled upon this fella, since most Islamic scholars regard music as an evil, and in the more rigid Sharia-controlled regions of the Middle East, music is barely tolerated.

From the website Sunni Path:

Music and Singing? 
The case with music and unlawful singing is the same. It has been decisively prohibited in Shariah, as the evidences mentioned further along will show. Yet there are individuals that are not ready to believe that it is Haram. 
In the modern era, music has spread to such an extent that nobody is free from it. Individuals are confronted with situations where they are forced to listen to music. It is played nearly in all department stores and supermarkets. If you sit in a taxi, make a phone call or even walk down the street, you will not be saved from this evil. Young Muslims drive around in their cars with the music fully blasted. The increasing popularity of music, which is prevalent in our society, poses a great threat to the Muslims. 
Music is a direct ploy of the Non-Muslims. One of the main causes for the decline of the Muslims is their involvement in useless entertainment. Today we see that Muslims are involved, and at the forefront perhaps, of many immoralities and evils. The spiritual power which once was the trait of a Muslim is nowhere to be seen. One of the main reasons for this is music and useless entertainment.
In Pakistan, music stores are regularly burned down. Still, music persists to grace a culture determined to extinguish it. They might as well outlaw breathing.   So it surprised me to discover the joyous and very haraam artistry of Alaa Wardi:

What amazes me about this singer is his use of Bach-like western harmonies, jazz chord progressions and in the case of his other videos, western instrumentation. Yet he also incorporates the more ancient Middle Eastern musical palette into his songs seamlessly using nothing but his body and his voice, along with a good camera and recording equipment...also, a gift from the west.

Here is what he says of himself:

 Each person is a walking song. Our heartbeat, our breath, our laugh, our yells and screams all together tells a story that differs from person to person yet we can all relate to. That is why music has no race or religion, no age nor job. It is a universal house and anybody is invited inside. So wipe your feet and enter our house of spiritual communication and language and forget about everything for one second and let us take you on a journey. (Sarah Salah)
"Despite all the things you might want to know about me, here's what you should know instead: I believe in music, it's a huge part of our lives, our daily lives, it helps our souls keep going for a bit longer when our minds and bodies give up. We all have music in us because we all have souls, we all receive music and we all can project. I've had the chance and the capability to share my music and I'm honored to know that I have effected someone's life simply by bringing a smile to his or her face, and that I have made one moment of his/her life slightly easier to live. 
For me, that's more than enough reason to keep doing what I do till I die, and I hope for more people to share with me what their souls have to say. I'm honored to be your soul mate... my listener friends.

This song is moving in a deep and spiritual level, evocative of the passions and feelings that transcend religion, ethnicity and ideology. The artwork that accompanies the music was also painted by a Muslim and  is completely at odds with nations  whose art is limited to Jew-hating propaganda. Consider the cultural suffocation that surrounds Alaa Wardi as you watch this video.

I have no doubt that there are a lot of Arab and Muslim fans of this man. Openly or in secret. Poets and musicians often tend to be the crack in a tyrannous fist gripping the mind and soul of a people.

Visit his YouTube site. Download his videos. Save them. You never know who's watching him.

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