Sunday, July 31, 2011

I'm Saying the Bluest Words, today

I tremble, when I consider that our youth are going to be making life and death decisions in the near and desperate future. They aren't able to process logic, or to look with a gimlet eye at lies being passed off as facts. Malleable fools, all. They think with their emoticons and not their brains. How is it that some made up statistic can induce such anger in women?
Take, for example the following exchange between a young, teen-aged girl and myself:

Here is the big lie that set me off today.
Women perform 66 percent of the world’s work, produce 50 percent of the food, but earn 10 percent of the income and own 1 percent of the property.
        ~UNICEF, ‘Gender Equality–The Big Picture’, 2007 (some gullible twat)

Everyone needs to know this.
(the girl)

Once again, bullshit. If the UN were so concerned about the plight of women, they would stop the madness of sex selective abortions and coercive abortions. Almost without exception these aborted foetuses are female, and would have been women had they been given the same chance at life you or I had. China and India now have a shortage of women. In China alone, the men outnumber the women three to one, maybe higher.

If the UN gave a damn about women, they wouldn’t be raping them in the countries they occupy, and they wouldn’t be trafficking in child sex rings in Africa. The UN is worse than worthless…the UN is fucking EVIL.

That doesn’t make the quote less valid. Or less true. Or less important.
(the girl)

It makes the point irrelevant. Look carefully at the statistic, which is made up, as most statistics are, anyway.

66 percent of the world’s work. Really? Doing what? Men work at disproportionately more difficult jobs than women…hard labor, construction. Police and fire. Women in third world countries have it hard because of their CULTURES. It is their CULTURES, specifically ISLAMIC CULTURES where women are mistreated the most.

Right now, this is how lacking in credibility the UN is. They appoint countries where women have few, if any rights to their stupid fucking HUMAN RIGHTS COMMISSION. Iran was in charge of that commission just last year. REALLY? Give. Me. A. Break.

Also, that 50% of the food produced by women in the world. Family farms. Everyone works. And even more importantly is this: The US produces much more food than it needs, often shipping seed and livestock to Africa which is then placed BY THE FUCKING UN into the hands of despots, tyrants and thugs who use it to keep the people in dire poverty. The UN has been responsible for much of the famine in the world because they have tried to alleviate the starvation by putting local farmers out of business with imported food, clothing and materials. If they would not supplant the local populations, those people would be able to farm without competing with the UN.

The UN is fucking EVIL and needs to be destroyed.

I apologize for all the cussing, which I don't very often indulge in, but I haven't had any chocolate at all, today, and I need a fix.

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